Sleek Makeup Video Tutorial by Juju Al Instagram: click here #ihwt-hotspoted-image5cbf972f78a3f .ihwt-hotspot-wrapper .HotspotPlugin_Hotspot > div { min-width: 300px;}#ihwt-hotspoted-image5cbf972f78a3f .ihwt-hotspot-wrapper .HotspotPlugin_Hotspot:not(.ihwtHotspotImageMarker):before {…

Q&A with Celebrity Afiya Bennett

First THOUGHTS? She’s amazing! We first thought she might be a very powerful woman but after talking with her we can definetly say that she is adorable and she is more than…

Start being the healthiest you!

In the heart of London, in Marylebone, just off Harley Street, which has been noted for its large number of private specialists in medicine, I found this warm and cozy place that…

“Dark Romance”

“Dark Romance” [blockquote align=”none” author=”Dark Romance”]Mua & Photo – Kateryna Shevchenko IG: @miskalin11 Fashion Stylist – Taurie Small Fashion Stylist Assistant – Kelly Mederick Model – Dayna Roman IG: dayna_roman[/blockquote]



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