London Fashion Week – Armani New Collection SS018

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani is the pioneering line launched by Giorgio Armani in 1981 specifically targeting the metropolitan youth of the time that has continued to evolve to the present day. The name is considered to be revolutionary, with the term Emporio, evoking the idea of fashion as a ubiquitous and democratised concept.

As well as the introduction of the Emporio Armani ready to wear fashion line the brand offers fragrance, underwear, swimwear, denim, watches and accessories. It has published a house magazine and has restaurants around the world.

Previous campaign ambassadors include David and Victoria Beckham, Beyonce, Calvin Harris, Cristiano Ronaldo and Megan Fox. This has continued to harbour a significant impact resulting in Emporio Armani becoming a cultural phenomenon, unmistakably identified through a distinctive and distinguishable eagle logo that proves to be a symbolic badge of membership and belonging. Through these concepts the collection has subsequently evolved and grown.

Today Emporio Armani – which has reached a high level of recognition worldwide – has a strong dynamic and metropolitan spirit and reflects all the features of elegance of the Armani aesthetic, expressed in an incisive and contemporary idiom. The brand is a vehicle through which to offer a wide choice of clothes and accessories for every purpose and occasion, ranging from sportswear to formal and occasion wear, thus serving a variety of different consumer targets.

The brand’s approach is avant-garde and is able to capture fashion trends and anticipate them. While maintaining its distinctive features – experimentation and constant evolution – this collection will continue to serve those with a taste for modern and innovative fashion.

video: British Thoughts Magazine