Bali – The Island of Gods

Bali-The Island of Gods

I have started my flying career with Bali,

And from the moment I reached that place, I fell in love and
I don’t think I will ever get enough of it.The island is located in Indonesia and is one of the biggest touristic attractions in the world, with
more than 7 million tourists every year. What makes this place special is its unique vibe. The island has
many temples and everywhere you look is full of tributes for the Gods, the people are kind and friendly
and they always offer you a smile from their hearts. Even in the crowded and crazy areas, behind all the
noise and movement, there is peace and love floating.
Bali offers its tourists a large variety of activities like rafting, bike rides, elephant rides, snorkeling,
volcano, cooking classes, sailing, yoga, island trips and has special places for different tastes. If you
prefer a quiet and meditation environment, I recommend Ubud. The place is fairy and the landscapes
take your breath away. You must visit the rice fields, the beautiful waterfalls, Uluwatu Temple and
Monkey Forest. You can`t miss the coffee plantation, where you can taste more than 10 coffee flavors,
especially Kopi Luwak, the famous coffee that includes part-digested coffee cherries eaten and
defecated by the Asian palm civet. Does not sound to good, but the coffee is really good.
Another beautiful place I recommend is Bratan Lake. The landscape is fairy and the temple is very
beautiful. On the way back you can stop at the chocolate factory, where you have the opportunity to
make your own chocolate, that you can take home. While you wait for your chocolate to be frozen, you
can enjoy a beautiful ride with the elephants.
Bali swing is a must for the adrenaline lovers. I will let the picture explain what you can experience

For the ones who like the crowded places and the night life, I recommend Kuta Beach and
Seminyak. Sky Garden is the most famous place in Kuta and La Favela in Seminyak. During the day, you
can enjoy your tan, music and drinks at beach clubs like Potato Head, Finn`s Beach Club or Sundays
Beach Club.
Beside temples, beaches, places to party and places to relax, Bali is also famous for surfing and
weddings. The best beaches for professional surfers are Padang Padang, Uluwatu Single Fin and
Serangan Beach. Surfing lessons are very cheap so is worth giving a try, just for fun.
For the weddings, there are many resorts where you can have a beautiful wedding or you can
choose the beach. I witnessed a wedding at Bali Garden Resort where I stayed in my vacation and it was
gorgeous. The restaurant has a view on the beach and ocean and the decorations for the wedding and
party are so beautiful.


In Bali you have a large variety of restaurants, from local ones where you can try the suckling pig,
pork ribs, duck, seafood to Italian restaurants, shawarma and ice cream, gelatos and sherbets. The
resorts and hotels are for everyone`s budget. Bali is a cheap and very beautiful place where you can fully
enjoy your vacation
I could write about Bali few more pages, but I will stop here and I invite you to go and explore this
amazing island.
This is Bali for me and this is how my love for that place looks like. I want to wake up every morning
on the Island of Gods, on the beach, drinking coffee with clouds flavor.
Unconditional love for you all my lovely readers!

Anca Dinut – lifestyle writer for British Thoughts Magazine.