Top model Snow Dollkinson to new talents.

 She’s from the WOW category !

Not just because of her very successful modelling career, working with “creme de la creme” from the industry but also because she is a very creative, skilled and unique artist/painter and people loves to buy her masterpieces all arround the world through Saatchi Art.

Q: When did you started modelling and what drove you towards this career?
A: I have being noticed very young for my look and my features. I started immediately some shootings in my home town, and then, very fast, in the Europeans capitals of fashion were I was signed by some of the best modeling agencies.
I was of course seduced by all the beauty and creativity that blooms in the fashion world but I was also amazed by all the opportunities that suddenly came to me through all those travels, discovering each time, on those incredible countries, different population, different languages and differently cultures.
You can say that, in one way, this modeling career is a shortcut, like a kind of accelerate education, witch makes you become aware of the greatness in just few months but also of the all traps and dangers of the real life.
Even if, the modeling is very time consuming between photo shoots and runways, I also had the chance to be able to continue my part time studies and to be graduate before I could totally jump into this career.

Q: What is your message for the new girls wishing to become successful in this industry ?
A: Don’t take things too personal, there are ups and downs but it is often more related to politic in the industry, keep your mind happy and creative, educate yourself and zap negative energies… Do not be a copy cat and always follow your instinct.

Q: What are the hardest parts of the job witch made you quit at one moment maybe ?
A: If you love what you do, if you find your path and your signature and if people recognize you for a certain image, you can totally enjoy this profession.
On the other hand, any girl really struggling in her career for various reason should know how to turn the page and step away from any trouble, but this, of course, occurs in any industry.

Q: What are your favorite parts from your career/work or jobs?
A: What always blows my mind is to discover the amazing talents that are surrounding me in my job, from the creativity of the designers to the imagination of the artistic directors all of that going through the sharp eyes of the photographer.I see myself always as a new character having the duty to enhance the particular beauty of the outfits, either during a shooting or on the thrill of the runways.

Q: Wich are the top things you reached already and whats the feeling of achieveing them and also what are the ones you aspire now for the new level ?
A: I am so blessed to be recognize for a certain look and to participate to all those exiting journeys beyond all those talents. Every time you see yourself on a new cover, it’s an achievement, to be part of the haute couture Fashion week is an achievement…
My best moments; the energy backstage and during the shows with Jean Paul Gaultier, Armani, Christian Lacroix, Dior, Max Mara, Donna Karan… the Cosi and so particular ambiance of “Studio Harcourt Paris” for L’oreal ; my videos with Enrique Badulescu, Mike Ruiz, Paul Richard Thomas… All my incredible editorials and advertising work in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Amica… How would I close the list…

If you love what you do, if you find your path and your signature and if people recognize you for a certain image, you can totally enjoy this profession.

Snow Dollkinson

Q: What about lifestyle ? Is it hard to keep up the step with everything (from food to personal goals to sport to parties or self time) while you are also very busy doing the jobs? 
A: When I am done with my daily work, I always chose to relax first and then to dedicate my time to my artistic work as a painter. I started to sketch during my travels and I produce oil, mix medias and acrylic paintings for few years now. I am very involved in my art too and it brings me joy and peace…

Q: Which part you love the most from the photo shoots ? fashion/beauty/concepts or a combination between many ?
A: Every time is a great experience, bringing through a new concept and through the work of the all team a personal touch and an original vision of fashion is what turns me on.I love to be part of all those adventures.

Q: You look amazing ! How much sport you do? Do you also have any specific food diet? 
A: Healthy food, is of course the key to everything, in combination with Cardio and Pilates.

Q:  If someone wants to work with you do you also travel the world ? And where can
they find you ?
A: We all are requested for direct bookings, exclusively through our model agencies that are in charge of our schedule; it is always for high rates campaigns that justify the trip and all the expenses. At the occasion of those short travels, we also shoot some Editorials, they are for us like a vitrine, a visit card that promotes our image.