Fashion illustrator Maria Camussi.

Q&A with  Maria Camussi

British Thoughts Magazine: What drove you to choose the art of illustration ?

Maria Camussi : I always remember myself drawing, since a very young age. After my studies, I somehow needed to go back to my roots. It was very natural for me to choose this form of art, since it is the way in which I find myself expressing ideas and thoughts.

B.T.M: What is your vision about the changes can this art form make in the world ?

M.C: As long as an artist can inspire people to feel new emotions or refresh their thoughts, art just makes sense.

B.T.M: Tell us , from your experience, what makes the difference between a good artist and a not that good one ?

M.C: It’s very difficult to judge art, I don’t believe there is bad art or good art, just ideas that people want to express in a visual way. As long as the person has something to say, I think that is enough.

B.T.M: How much time it takes to finish a good “masterpiece” ?

M.C: It could take an entire week, an entire day, or five minutes. It depends on what I’m looking for with that particular artpiece, maybe I’m in the mood for details and textures, and that will take some time. Maybe I’m looking for a very expressive brush stroke, and that will take, well, just a brush stroke.

B.T.M: Why do you think people should buy your art ? How can this become helpful to them/their business/soul or life ?

M.C: Art makes our world better, more creative, more full. I strongly believe that illustration is a great way for brands to convey a message and to expand their creative options when planning a campaign or editorial content. It demonstrates a powerful artistic statement as a brand, specially at a time when this type of art form is becoming more relevant.

It is also great as a complement to a text, because it enhances the imaginative process. It is no coincidence that children’s books are illustrated since forever!

Fashion has always been my source of inspiration. It is such a powerful and deep way in which we express ourselves.

Maria Camussi

B.T.M: Wich style fits and inspires you the most ? Fashion, portraits, nature, people, words or ?

M.C:  Fashion has always been my source of inspiration. It is such a powerful and deep way in which we express ourselves. However, I’ve been really into portraits lately, because the human features and shapes are so fascinating and inspiring.

B.T.M: What do you think makes you different in the nowadays opened gates of the globalisation and internet where we have access to a veru big variety of different talents ?

M.C: I think I have developed a style that is playful and fresh. In fashion, everything tends to get so serious. I believe that fashion should have no rules and poses, and I would like to convey with my art that it is OK to laugh at oneself, and have some fun.

B.T.M: If people wants your art how can they get in touch with you ? Facebook/Instagram/Website/Email or ?

M.C: I have opened a Society 6 shop in which you can find quality prints, framed prints and lots of merchandise (iPhone cases, pouches, stationery cards, notebooks). Link:

You can always get in touch with me via e-mail ( or Instagram: @fashiongeekstudio.