“I want today’s women to know that…

Irène Major is the Queen of Ingress

by Corina Stoicescu

Have you ever thought how would your life look like if you would be living in a castle ? In United Kingdom you might have the opportunity of meeting people who have an aristocrat lifestyle, just as Irène Major.

Beautiful Irène Major, also known as “Queen of Ingress”, is a born Cameroon former model, she is a philanthropist and the wife of multi-millionaire Canadian-British businessman and oil tycoon Sam Malin. Together they are the happy parents of seven children and they are all living in a castle with 50 rooms! Yes, you read it well! Located in Kent, about one hour away, by train, from London, the castle is absolutely stunning. Irene talked to British Thoughts Magazine about her gorgeous family and her idyllic lifestyle, filled with love and luxury.

Corina: Irène, how is living in a castle without actually being part of the Royal family?
Irene:  They say home is where the heart is and for me my castle is also simply my home. And whilst I may not be part of the Royal Family, my husband and I are passionate about history and preserving this historic home and, as owner of Burke’s Peerage, my husband is a custodian of a key piece of the heritage of British – and world – royalty and aristocracy.

Corina: Is this something that you wished for from an early age?
Irene: I have always been aspirational. I saw how my parents accomplished much from very humble beginnings and this inspired me. But I did not know how far I would go!

Each day is like a dream come true

Irene Major

Corina: Can we say you are living your personal fairytale?
Irene: I call it Cinder–Major–Rella; each day is like a dream come true; I never stop counting my blessings and there is still much more to come – I am still young. I never thought that I would achieve all this… and have seven children!

Corina: You are an entertainer, a model, and philanthropist. How would you describe your story in a few phrases?
Irene: I have many interests, I am versatile and I am unstoppable. And I have learned how not to take myself too seriously. (smiling)

Corina: How about your personal lifestyle?
Irene: Although I love the luxury, I also appreciate the simple things – time with my children, time with my husband. I know what it is to live without and if it were all taken away from me, I would work with whatever I was left with – even if just my wits and the love of my family – and I would bounce back.

Corina: Which is your earliest London memory?
Irene: Looking at Buckingham Palace as I drove past.

Corina: You are a mother of seven. What do you do during a day on a regular basis?
Irene: I spend a time every day playing with my children, even the silliest games with them make my day.

Corina: What are the key factors you needed to succeed?
Irene: Being from an army family (my father was a Major), above all, self-belief and tenacity – never giving up and determination.

Being from Africa, I know that it is important not to prejudge.
We are all human.

Irene Major

Corina: What is the type of people you are surrounding yourself and your family?
Irene: I surround myself with people from all walks of life and all social strata. Being from Africa, I know that it is important not to prejudge. Regardless of sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion etc. we are all human.

Corina: What do you do when you (and your family) want to have fun?
Irene: It might be luxurious – like time in the Seychelles – or simple – like going to a local cinema. My husband and I are like kids when we are with our own children.

Queen Elizabeth II is like a goddess to me. She held my hands, and she was not wearing gloves!

Irene Major

Corina: How was meeting Queen Elizabeth II and what did you learned from that experience?
Irene: It was more than a dream come true. She is like a goddess to me. She held my hands, and she was not wearing gloves. I invited her to Cameroon and we chatted. I cherish that meeting. (I am afraid I was so overwhelmed that my protocol fell by the wayside!)

Corina: Biggest extravagance besides living in a castle?
Irene: Being able to call many places around the world home.

Corina: Do you ever fear for your family’s safety especially in nowadays society?
Irene: As with any mother, fear is always there in today’s world. I am a mother hen and I am protective – but we cannot live in bubble if we are to experience life so I try to give my children some space while watching over them.

Corina: What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given and from whom?
Irene: Never give up – which was advice from my Dad.

Corina: Who is your hero and why?
Irene: My parents are my heroes. They achieved so much and gave me and my eight brothers and sisters so much with so little.

I want today’s women to know that neither being a mum nor being a wife means that you have to compromise on your dreams.

Irene Major

Corina: What do you want people to know and always remember about you?
Irene: My heart and love: wife, mother and philanthropist. And I want today’s women to know that neither being a mum nor being a wife means that you have to compromise on your dreams.

Corina: What are you up to for the moment?
Irene: Looking after the seven children, filming, and my love and knowledge of fashion is a constant theme. Music is always in my soul and I am working on new material.

Corina: What is your biggest wish for the near future?
Irene: I think there a several. My overall aims to conquer the world and to be Marjorly big. And at the same time to work through my charities: GIA and IM Life and also another charity, International Harbor  for which I am ambassador.