A classic David and Goliath story

In a space where Facebook and Instagram are dominating the game we see a new app joining and they promise to make every user “feel, look, and act like a star”. is an example of innovation but not because they try to come up with “science fiction” features. The innovation comes from rearranging the same pieces of an existing puzzle in a completely different and more engaging way, targeting a more precise type of users, passionate about their appearance and more active in the real world.

The company stands out from the start, being an European start-up, with their headquarters based in Cyprus showing that the path from idea to execution can be taken also by companies outside of Silicon Valley. The differences don’t stop here. Speaking with Adrian Mazilu, the CEO of the company, he was keen on explaining that is totally different in terms of approach from the most basic levels. First, about the business strategy of the company, he explained that will take most of its incomes from online shopping, triggered by one of its most important features, the Clothing Tag, which allows every user to tag the clothes and accessories and the brands that he/she is wearing. By clicking on one of these tags, the user will be redirected to the brand page where he can see that product with all the relevant details and have the opportunity to buy it. The company states that it will be the fastest and most engaging online shopping experience out there. The CEO later clarified that by focusing on the e-commerce business, will not be restrained by publicity. He said:

“We can see all the major players in the social network environment having a very tough time in this area. When you’re depending on adds for the large majority of your incomes you will disrupt the user experience, simply because, in order to stay in the game, you need to place more and more adds. And let’s face it: people are there for the social experience and now it feels like you are always in a commercial break.“ Adrian Mazilu

He also pointed out that in there will be no adds on the wall, and the only type of paid advertisement will be done through “suggestions” when a user is on the product/event’s page. Simply put the app will show paid suggestions only when a user is interested in them.

Users data is also a very important matter where again has a different approach: instead of focusing on the users data/history to deliver an add, will focus on the selected product,event or location type in order to provide relevant suggestions. The company stated:

We will analyse the product and not the user. Adrian Mazilu

The user experience of the app is correlated with the company’s name, it is meant to deliver the red carpet enthusiasm in an online environment. Users will have the opportunity to share their appearance in the best way possible and they will be able to pin out the event and location they are attending, delivering the feeling of being a Star on the to every user.

“Liv’in both worlds” is the company motto, and when we asked Adrian why? he simply replied: “Because they both matter!”. He underlined that one of the key objectives of the app is to convince the user to be present in the virtual and real world at the same time. The app will encourage its users to post real life experiences, and will help them find those. Here is where one of the iconic features of the app comes in place: The Live Chat will be enabled only for users present at the same event or location. Once a user has posted a photo mentioning the name of the event or location, the Live Chat icon will appear on the user’s wall. There he can see all the other people present, not only the ones he is following but new people with whom he can start interacting and also meet in real life, since they are in the same spot present at the same time.
Going into further details about the project, one thing popping out is the simplicity and efficiency of the way was designed. From both user experience and business perspective the app delivers a fast and easy path, and more important it merges the two without affecting the users. Through the tags, the users will create a huge and free awareness for brands, and when they will switch to the shopping stage then the full business circle will be completed. “The fashion brands are spending a lot of their resources in managing and improving the online shopping part of their businesses, but if you look closely you can see that the results are not that satisfying, from my point of view. First you rarely see a brand with a successful online shopping website, actually in most of the cases the brands are selling their products online through a third party website. At the same time I would point out that the shopping experience is an emotional one and I think that none of the online shopping environments out there are looking at it from this perspective. When you are in a store you see the products in front of you, you can touch them, you can try them and so on, it’s a full experience. is focused on delivering something similar, the fact that you will see products on your friends or on celebrities/influencers you follow will trigger emotions. The next important aspect is the speed: a client who will leave the shop is 50% lost. We focus on reaching the best conversion rate possible, this is why users need to stay in the same app and not being redirected to an external website, where you need to start some processes like: finding the product or funding your account all over again. goes all the way and fast: you see it, you like it, you check it and you buy it, all in seconds. Your account is always ready and you are always one click away from shopping.”

When asked about the future of, Adrian replied: “It’s to early to say, from our point of view our app delivers a flawless and engaging user experience, this should attract a large number of users. Challenges will always appear, we will just have to overpass them one by one. For example, I know it will not be easy to get all of the major brands in the app, we are in advanced discussions with some of them and things are moving forward, but it’s not a simple process. I also believe this will come back to the user base, because I don’t see a reason why a brand will not be interested in coming closer to its clients who are basically producing free advertising for them in the app, and give them the opportunity to buy their products. You have to realise that even if is a start-up almost all of the Board Members have founded and managed companies in the past, also we’ve built all by ourselves and we are thrilled with the results, this happening without outside financing or help in software development. So what I am trying to say is that we realise the complexity of, but we have a brilliant team that can develop and implement the strategy needed for a project like this”.

Will be the next online phenomenon? Only time will tell. At this moment the app is available for download in Google Play, promising a complete social experience and unique environment where you can express your personal style with confidence, meet new people, share your outfit, shop your favourite fashion brands and ultimately, shine!

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