“I’m proud to see more women supporting women”

Q&A interview with photographer Erica Bergsmeds

Started her career in New York, but now based in London and most of her work is publish in Sweedish and British Fashion Journals.

Q: Where does the creativity you transpose in your art comes from?
A:It comes from a need to express myself fully and freely, something we are conditioned in society not to do. I draw inspiration and creativity from raw emotions and candid moments, with a love for dreamlike euphoric scenarios.

Q: A study showed that many artists create better quality work in sad moments, Does this apply to you?
A: In dark moments its easier to look inside, having the urgent feeling of wanting to break free gets bigger, and the deeper you dig the more truth will surface.

Q: What do you daydream about?
A: I daydream of peace of mind, pure love, true happiness, wicked creative flow and a few Bloody Mary’s.

Q: What do you think about the instagram/facebook phenomenon where everyone says they are photographers? 
A: There are photographers taking pictures mechanically and then there are artists taking images which express a piece of themselves. Any camera lens can take a picture for you, but only you, can project a truthful moment onto that blank space.
The artist is  the camera, the eye becomes the lens.  The Iphone lens doesn’t have a soul, sorry Steve, but who knows, perhaps Siri will develop the most poetic photo snapping soul for you to use. LOL

Q: We know you use gold in your art, what does gold mean to you?  
A: I first experimented with gold leaf painting on one of my images to put depth and contrast into certain details. This particular piece was a private commission where this style resonated well.  It also adds a very different kind of value to the art. I am personally a fan of using gold this way, for me it doesn’t portray money and status but strength and beauty.

Q: Where would you like to see your art exhibited? 
A: The Sacchi Gallery in London and on the wall of The Queen of England, a double exposed portrait of her with strands of her hair painted in gold to portray the sun rays, through the palace windows, falling on her hair….or I might just give her a gold tooth!

I am so happy and proud to be living in this time of women equality and sexual empowerment uprising; Im proud to see more women supporting women.

Erica Bergsmeds

Q: What is your view regarding the women empowering? 
A: I am so happy and proud to be living in this time of women equality and sexual empowerment uprising; Im proud to see more women supporting women. I make an effort to bring forward female talent in photography and film, where there is still men ruling most of these positions. Professionally, women haven’t always helped each other as much as they could have, but that has massively changed.

Q: One of your trademarks is to photograph double exposure images, Why is this?
A: Because of the love of capturing a feeling, a multi dimensional moment in movement, with a candid flow and a sense of drama and complexity.

Q: Do you prefer to photograph Art or Fashion?
A: Both and more. I’m a photographer, film director, creative director and artist, I love creating moving images as much as stills. I don’t believe in limiting yourself, the sky really is  not the limit. There is no reason to stay in one box, unlock any door you want, that is what creative freedom looks like to me.

Q: Where can people see your work ? (instagram/website/facebook/contacts) 
A: There are a few upcoming exhibitions and collaborations, one is early spring with soho venue 100 Wardour Street,  hosting a collection of my mixed media portraits.