3 Curly Wigs You Need For Spring!

Okay, so it looks like spring is well and truly upon us. For ladies with textured hair, this weather is perfect for protective styling whilst we wait to rock our natural coils and curls during the summer. Here are 3 lace wigs suggestions that will still showcase a kinky/curly style while protecting your oh so delicate natural tresses.
By Stephanie Attrebi, writer at Haircrush

1. For those of us that are new to the world of wigs check out this short curly bob from myfirstwig.com. The soft loose curls and fullness of this wig are everything and the length is perfect for the soon to be scarf and sweater weather. Myfirstwig promise to make it easy for you if you’re a first timer with step-by-step tutorials and detailed advice on how to choose the best wig for you.

Image via instagram @victoriouslogan

2. This custom dyed auburn omgherhair curly wig just sets the tone. The the density and its length is bound to give you the spring feels with a pop of colour.


Image via Instagram @deliciousdom12

3. This curly wig is from Amazon. Yes, Amazon! Wigs on Amazon have been gaining surprisingly great reviews lately and we are here for it! With tighter more defined curls/coils the fullness of this wig entirely depends on you. Comb it, brush it out or re-coil it adding some product and turn heads this season, regardless!


Image via Instagram @shantaniabeckford