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In the heart of London, in Marylebone, just off Harley Street, which has been noted for its large number of private specialists in medicine, I found this warm and cozy place that not only makes you feel comfortable, but it can also potentially save your life.

Sonoworld Diagnostic Services is an outstanding private ultrasound diagnostic clinic, located in a glorious Victorian building well within the famous Medical District. The clinic provides the widest range of ultrasound scans that one can find in London, being led by a very experienced and fully qualified Consultant Sonographer with over 20 years of experience in medical field, Ms. Daniela Stan. At Sonoworld, Daniela offers, at very competitive prices, ultrasound evaluation and diagnosis of abdomen, pelvis, pregnancy, thyroid and neck, breast, abdominal aorta, musculoskeletal joint scans and soft tissue lumps, hernia, deep vein thrombosis and carotid arteries. At Sonoworld you can have a same-day ultrasound appointment with instant results and a reliable diagnosis aided by a very performant, high-resolution scanner of the latest generation.

Important facts

  • Diagnostic ultrasound is the modality of choice in detecting a wide variety of internal organs pathologies as it is a safe and painless technique. There are no side effects associated with ultrasound imaging.
  • Ultrasound is a relatively low-cost diagnostic tool for breast, ovarian, thyroid, testicle and prostate cancer as it can detect very early cancerous lesions.
  • The ultrasound diagnosis tremendously increases the chance of survival when used in emergency situations.
  • The result is available instantaneously which allows a prompt referral for further management and treatment.
  • Recently NHS started a campaign for medical prevention, but at present, there are no reliable screening programs available.

The best medicine is always to prevent rather than treat

“The big CA word is a terrifying one that is worrying all of us. It takes a simple test like ultrasound to make sure the internal organs are normal and functioning properly. Any organ can potentially suffer transformation starting, at a cellular level, either through genetic predisposition or acquired through mutations under the influence of various factors acting alone or in combinations”, says Ms. Daniela Stan, MSc in Medical Ultrasound.


A complete ultrasound checkup for the price of one scan

The clinic created affordable ultrasound packages. For example, the Well Woman or Well Man ultrasound scans, which include four different scans, so a complete ultrasound checkup, cost £358 while other private companies charge £400 for only an abdominal scan.


­­­­Contact: Sonoworld Diagnostic Services, 29 Weymouth Street, Marylebone W1G 7DB , 02036334902 / 07885384785