Micaela Oliveira – from Bridal Fashion, Haute Couture, to Prêt-à-Porter

One of the creative minds most requested by public figures

She was born on May 6, 1977 in Portugal. Her professional life project has been shaped in a process of continuous growth since 2002, the year in which she began her activity as a businesswoman in the bridal sector and in the elaboration of couture dresses. The work of Micaela Oliveira brings together a unique collection of creations, from bridal fashion, Haute couture to Prêt-à-porter lines, among other projects to which she allied throughout her career with more than 20 years of Dedication.

Actress & Host Rita Pereira – Photography Joao Portugal


One of the creative minds most requested by public figures, the stylist is recognized as an inescapable icon of refinement, charm and sophistication. It is with its premium brand Micaela Oliveira Atelier that it has gained visibility and national and international notoriety, result of the strong investment that it makes in its personal and professional development in formation and in numerous trips to the foreigner for exploration, visit and participation in the best expositions and events Fashion and Haute couture.


Currently the creator has its team to develop their creations from the Trofa, where also has the atelier, space where it receives daily its customers from Portugal and the world.


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