Derek Warburton: A Legendary Style

Q: What are you most excited for this Spring in the creative industry?
A: I am launching a new digital magazine called MRWARBURTON that is mostly an edgy photo journal with art and fashion show coverage. I love covering young designers such as Malne along with Juan Vidal in Spain and independent designers around the world. I have a journalist in the Ukraine now finding some of their best talent.

Q: When you are working what do you love wearing?
A: Generally, I have a few changes of clothes. I don’t style very much anymore because I spend most of my time doing consulting or as a creative director but I always wear a clean base… a tank with a good trouser and of course lots of jewelry. I love accessories. Then I change my jackets throughout the day for photos on set and for filming. I am the creative director of Lapalme Magazine and we started a web series called Face To face where I sit down with celebrities that we are featuring in the magazine. Plus photo opps etc, therefore I am changing a lot for more content. Even on an off day I have a casual morning look, then day and of course something for dinner. Dressing makes me happy and it’s a lost art form.

Q: Name a few designers that never disappoint.
A: I love love love Valentino. I think it’s really exciting how they have reinvented themselves. Commes de Garçon is always fantastic and you can keep every piece for years. I love what Galliano has done with Margiela. I thought this season was so detailed and chic. Also, for newcomers Palomo Spain has come out with a stellar collection.

Q: What are some fashion don’ts for spring?
A: There are so many trends right now and living in Los Angeles, I walk down Melrose and see the victims of them all. I love pink but when you have the overdone (and over styled) pink hair with the pink faux fur, pink shoes and pink hot shorts… too much… I love all of those trends but split up to show great current style.

Q: Your brand Mr. Warburton, tell us about your jewellery line – What can we look forward too ???
A: I LOVE jewelry and I love working with it. More big stones, I’m doing some semi- precious for spring with diamonds. Also Rose gold is an obsession… with pearls


“I buy pieces, some expensive some very affordable. Style has no price. – Derek Warburton, Fashion Stylist

Q: A piece of advice for fashionistas looking to add to their Spring Wardrobe?
A: Make 10 year purchases. I need lots and lots of clothes because I have so many projects where I need to be visible. Therefore, I borrow some and purchase a bit. I buy pieces some expensive and some very affordable. Style has no price. Just this week I bought an inexpensive street style nylon coat. But I went to the garment district and added feathers coming out of the cuffs and a rhinestone tab in the back. Be innovative, there’s no wrong way and in the world of Zara and H&M it is so important to be an individual.

Q: What’s the top print for spring?
A: Versace darling

Q: How influences are you by current trends?
A: I’m only influenced by trends if it is my look. I only buy me. I will look for trends but I evolve it into my style so I can wear for years. For instance leopard is everywhere this year. I have a pair of leopard louboutins I bought 8-10 years ago that I just pulled out to start wearing again.

Q: What has been the biggest creative challenge in your career to date?
A: My biggest creative challenge has been how to finance for projects. When you work as a creative your ideas are always bigger than the budget. Therefore in order to pull off interesting endeavors sometimes raising the funds is more of a challenge than the project itself. I find that it is all part of the process.

Q: What’s been your best giving experience?
A: I am involved in many charities. Firstly I was a homeless teen and years ago I started working with an organization in NYC called Bottomless Closet. My program was called, HOW TO BE DEREK FABULOUS. I have helped over 1000 women get clothing to get them back to work. When I moved to LA I was awarded the style ambassadorship from the city and state legislature for my work with the homeless and people in need. It is an honor after all the years helping underprivileged in New York to be able
to continue my work in Los Angeles, the homeless capital of America.

Then I am the international goodwill ambassador of Just a Drop, which is a British organization that facilitated clean water and sanitation in 3rd world counties. Last year I went to Nicaragua to film a documentary short on the hardships of the region. With all my efforts from the trip the organization was able to to help over 500 people and their families build wells for clean water for the first time in their lives.

Q: What is the best advice you’ve ever been given that has stuck with you ?
A: The best advice I have ever gotten was from talk show host and comedian Craig Ferguson. We were in a tv development deal and I was stressed about getting my projects on air. He informed me to take that time to enjoy the process and the journey, because when you think you have “made it” it’s all down-hill from there because you spend your life trying to maintain it.

Photos by Emanuel Zainea