PAAB – Fashion Story

Paab is a luxury designer standing behind a few fashion and accessories brands and other bespoke commissioned projects including interior designs.

For many years now, Paab’s home and heart has resided in London, where he has found the peace for his soul as well as thriving energy and endless opportunities so much needed to develop and present his talents.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][ihwt_hotspot tooltip_width=”300″ image=”2904″ hotspot_data=”” tooltip_bg_color=”#ffffff” tooltip_text_color=”#000000″][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_column_text]How did you decide to become a designer?

I have always been a creative soul, which is probably what most designers would say. It is true though! Since my early childhood I have been surrounded by people loving beauty, art and design. My grandfather was a painter, sculpturer and he would write poems. He was one of the people who taught me a lot and I am sure he would have shared with me much more knowledge if he had only stayed with us longer. His personality had a huge impact both on my personal and emotional as well as creative development. He planted the seed in my brain that the world is full of amazing colours, shapes and textures which are there for you to create magic.

What was the first design you remember?

My first designs were actually related to beauty products and fragrances. As a kid, I would mix different ingredients and create natural creams, which I would then test on my family members (laugh) as well as perfumes from natural essences. Later on, I drew packaging and designed the bottles… and everything until I was ten years old! As my grandfather passed away, I most probably lost my creative guide so I didn’t do anything in this direction for a longer while. Only years later, when my mother eventually took after his talents and started painting, I recommenced thinking about creative path again.

Did you start thinking about it as a professional art and design career?

In a way yes. As a teenager, I would develop my drawing skills and actually prepare for studying Architecture. I have never started those studies as life led me in a different direction for a while. It was only after I had moved to London when I started studying design and pursuing my creative career. This is where I completed my first interior design projects and founded my first fashion label.

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It sounds like London shall be a very important place for you then?

Undoubtedly London is the city which has shaped me the way I am now and allowed me to develop my true passion and talents. London is my home and my largest source of inspiration. It amazes and inspires me every day. With its history, variety of people and cultures, London is definitely the place where dreams do come true. You simply never know from which side they will come at you… I have lived in other cities and travelled quite a lot, but it is London which has truly won my heart.

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How come you have specialised in handbag design?

The whole idea of creating the handbag empire started 5 years ago when I designed my first bags and launched the first brand LE SURI, which brought to life unique sustainable handbags made from cork. In Autumn last year I started a new high-luxury handbags brand which was officially launched during London Fashion Week by Quintessentially – the world’s largest concierge company. The label called ANTOINE AMATO introduced the world’s first mix&matchcroco-python handbags with interchangeable tops, which are timelessly elegant and playful at the same time. I am currently working on the second capsule collection which will also feature smaller clutches and other accessories.

Is there anything else you would like to create?

Yes, absolutely! I have already worked on bespoke interior designs and other private commissions. Some of them mustn’t be shared as they were specially created for affluent individuals who highly value their privacy. I still do work on other one-off projects let it be a commercial project in Nepal, residential spaces in London or bespoke oud perfumes for Middle Eastern clients. I would never want to pigeonhole myself as a “handbag” or “fashion” or “interior” designer. I want to further develop my design career and with the amount of the ideas I have, and opportunities around me, I am very hopeful for the future. The luxury handbags is not my last word, more is coming very soon…

You have been designing for a few years now… why do we see you only now?

At some point you need to realise who you truly are and stop fighting or hiding it, yet do your best to make the most of your uniqueness. I am a naturally humble person and never really looked for the spotlights. Many of my friends encouraged me however to show my face and let people know who is standing behind the designs. I believe 2019 is the year of miracles and I am ready for them to happen in my life!