Q:How would you describe yourself in one word ?

Q:You look awesome! Can you please share some tips from your workouts with us?
A: Of course!I did more than 20 years of martial arts … so I still build my body doing judo and fights. Now, my routine that helps me to be fit is that I actually try to do the same training I was doing when I was preparing for my tournament which is a lot of cardio and Gym for 3/4 times a week, training with weights, doing a lot of push-ups, pull-ups etc…

Q: How long it takes to become someone at your level?
A: Many years. A lot of training, fighting, you have to learn to lose, to win, to take as many injuries as possible but most important… to learn every day, never give up, being ready mentally and always have good sleep. It’s a lot about the discipline too and
finding the good routine between a lot of work and a lot of rest.

Q: What is success for you?
A: Waking up happy every day, and trying to be very productive.

Q: What is Kelly Brook doing for you?
A: She helped me to learn English 🙂

Q: Which is the best part of Kelly?
A: She is amazing!And talented in everything she is doing.

Q: But the worst?
A: Hahaha … she never stops, never rest ….

Q: We know you love fashion, what is your favorite style?
A: Bespoke

Q: What are your plans and goals for 2019?
A: We Just move to London and at the moment I’m doing many castings for Tv Shows and I have done few commercials and campaigns too but honestly, everything is really perfect!

Q: What movie character would you love to play?
A: Generally, Action movie ones…

Q: What part is missing from your life now?
A: Family and friends … they are all in Paris and Italy.

Q: Meat or vegan? And Why?
A: I was vegan all January and I have to say I really felt good, actually very good.