Raimondo Rossi, aka Ray Morrison: a versatile italian artist in the fashion industry

We had the pleasure to meet Raimondo Rossi. A creative director and stylist, a very eclectic figure of the fashion industry. Known also as Ray Morrison, he lives in Italy and part time in Los Angeles. After his master’s degree in Mathematics, he started to give his attention to theatre, contemporary dance and photography. In 2012 he was asked to be a model for a few video-art festivals. Consequently, following 2 years he was asked by a new emerging Italian designer to wear his creations for high profiled Fashion events. He got noticed by some very Influential people of the Fashion world and later on started to be invited to all of Italy’s fashion weeks, and then, in Paris and Los Angeles. He became accredited as fashion influencer, blogger and photographer and now, with his acquired experience with fashion shows on the runway as well as backstage, he uses his time to do photojournalism and styling. He also has works as an on set creative director for his independent work as well for some international magazines. Raimondo has full control over the content of his website while still managing to give time for travel, fashion and art reports.


Q: Hello Ray, happy to meet you.
A: Hello guys, my pleasure to be here with you!

Q: Can you tell us the best moment of your fast career?
A: I would say my favorite ones: being on the cover in GQ.com.cn, many features in the Getty Images, chosen for my personal style and design, and been selected by NZZ Magazine in “10 style icons to watch”.

Q: What’s the works you remember with more pleasure?
A: I worked as a creative director and stylist for the Accademia Costume e Moda (ranked 9th in the most important fashion schools of the world, according to Business of Fashion). Styled on a video for an American singer that hit over 100k views on you tube in its first day. As well as writing and directing in Italy for photo editorials of British magazines, in collaborations with some Italian fashion designers.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_gallery interval=”3″ images=”3159,3158,3157,3156,3155,3154″ img_size=”large”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Q: We saw you have a portfolio in Vogue Italy
A: Yes, there are displays of some of my Polaroid style photos of architecture and fashion, documentary and still life. I just wanted to share examples of versatility and sense of harmony, that I’m trying to have with me in every part of my work.

Q: That’s very interesting Ray. What are the people or celebrities more charming you ever met at the events?
A: Many. Tilda Swinton for example. We met in Florence and I can say wow she has a great personality. Elegant, confident, beautiful, such a great mind. Talking with her has been so nice. Even if she doesn’t like LA and I do haha. We ended up taking some selfies together.

Q: You are very versatile, what unites everything?
A: This is the most important question, thank you. What I do in my works is to take care of beauty and feelings. No matter if I take a photo, direct a shooting, writing a concept for editorials or styling myself or someone: what’s is always present (or at least what I’d love) is harmony and beauty that can touch someone’s heart and soul. In my work “The emotions of fashion” I talked about the connections between fashion and emotions, creating images or videos to talk about dreams, homes, love, music, charisma and other emotions that can be related to fashion too. In another work I choose naked models to talk about women’s rights.

Q: Can you show us some images of your works and also your styling that has been loved by such important magazines as GQ, Vogue, The New York Times and Elle?
A: Sure, these pictures are some examples, I don’t love to have just one style, I change a lot, from classic to some deconstructions. If you google Getty Images and my name you can see some outfits very different one from each other. Everyone can do this and we all can find beauty with easy steps. And about the works, these are 2 images from editorials, a mix of artwork and fashion images.

Q: What’s your plans now?
A: No plans, I want to keep being independent, saying yes just to works that I love and respect myself and my ideas. I think being yourself, even if it’s hard, it is always the best way to be happy and touch the hearts of people that think the same as you.

Q: Thanks Ray, it was very nice this talk with u!
A: Thanks to you guys, a big “see you soon”!