Natasha Grano – Taking the digital world by Storm

Natasha Grano is a celebrity influencer, Model and Tv Presenter who is really taking the digital world by storm with over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and over 10million views across her platforms. Said to be the UK’s answer to Kim Kardashian, always empowering her followers with spiritual messages in her captions and videos. Natasha is British with Greek Cypriot heritage. She is also a mummy, philanthropist and entrepreneur. Natasha has worked with many luxury brands including Balmain Hair Couture, Roja Parfums, Sisley Paris, Revolve, Nico Di Donna, Estée Lauder amongst others.
Natasha is currently filming a huge project to be revealed soon and you can catch up on her latest show on her IGTV – A Day In The Life Of Natasha Grano.
You can follow her on Instagram for all her daily pics and messages for you.

• What is your go to accessory at the moment?

My absolute go-to accessory has to be my LuMee Case, because it means that I can take footage with wonderful, complementary light that acts like a filter – I learnt that from the Kardashians. It’s really amazing!

• Tell us about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career.

So there’s probably been a few I’d choose from, but featuring on the opening episode of Trinny Woodall’s Taxi Show was definitely one of them. I adored the ‘Trinny & Susannah’ show on ITV, so it was such an honour to be interviewed by Trinny. It was fantastic, so much fun. If not that, it would be my editorials in Harper’s Bazaar. As a young girl it was a dream to be able to shoot for such big magazines, and now that I’m in them it’s just crazy, it’s still surreal.

• What’s your superpower, or what’s your spirit animal?

My superpower is my positive energy. People say I radiate it to those around me and everyone I touch. I love to send love to others, and to inject certainty and super good vibes into all that I’m doing and creating.

• You are a firm believer in mindfulness – how can people be more mindful in busy cities like London?

When living in busy cities we all get caught up in the chaos, making it difficult to escape the superficial world we live in. However, I find going to the park and walking barefoot in nature is so healing, and a great escape. The same goes for doing grounding exercises and meditations surrounded by nature, on my roof or even with crystals in my bedroom whilst looking out the window.

Some of my top tips for being more mindful are simply looking up, not down, focusing more on being in the moment and lastly taking deep breaths all the time, because we forget how to breathe properly. It’s funny because having a baby and watching him breathe made me realise how we are meant to do it, and that we forget this after only a few years.

• What has been the most rewarding thing about being a top influencer?

It would have to be all the incredible trips, goodies and products that I’m given on a day to day basis. Of course I have to work hard in exchange for all this, which involves a lot of photoshoots. However, it’s so rewarding being recognised as an artist by brands who value my photos, my content and what I have to say on a post. Also what’s so rewarding is being able to do promotions, attend charity events for greater causes than just myself and overall contributing to the world to make it a better place.

I try and use my photos as a way to draw in my followers to what products I genuinely believe in, but the magic is in my captions. I spend hours writing these for the benefit of every person reading them, because when they read them they will also feel alive, guided towards their own true purpose, connected to their higher self and ultimately to make a change in this world. That’s why I believe I have this platform, because as it gets bigger I have a wider audience to talk to and help and guide. Through me receiving others can receive.

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