British Aesthetics

The W1 postcode has become the home for cosmetic services in London but the market has become saturated with clinics that don’t really know what they’re doing.


We live in an age where image is everything and people want to enhance their appearance to look their best, therefore it has become more important than ever for people to be in the right hands.


Dr. Bibi Ghalaie is the Medical Director at British Aesthetics on Wimpole Street.

She not only has degrees in Medicine and Surgery from London’s prestigious Imperial
College but she has over 12 years of experience in aeshthetic medicine and has
established herself as one of the leading professionals within the industry. She has
trained doctors around the world in cosmetic medicine procedures and has been a
lecturer and clinical trainer for over six years. What makes her one of the best in the
business is her natural ability to make patients feel safe and secure. The cosmetic
industry is filled with people who are far less educated and less experienced therefore it
is important that we shine a light on those who deserve it. Doctor Bibi’s dedication
comes from a genuine desire to help people change aspects of their physical
appearance that they are not happy about, in a manner which builds a personal
relationship and trust with every single person who walks into her clinic. She is highly
experienced at providing a variety of facial rejuvenation treatments including Botox
injections, lip fillers, non surgical nose jobs, cheek fillers, jawline definition and under
eye fillers, to name but a few. If you’re considering non-surgical aesthetic treatments be
sure to contact Dr Bibi and the British Aesthetics team for a consultation.