NEHERA Winter 2020 collection Paris Fashion Week


is a curious quest that opens the door to a forgotten functionalist studio of a distant relative.

A kindred spirit and eccentric personality who left behind a sophisticated 40’s wardrobe. The rediscovery unlocks a new perspective of rearranging pieces, ruffle up the old-worldly elegance, and disrupt traditions, only to revive the defiant spirit of the past in a new esthetic.

The New Collection befriends the unwanted and harnesses the impractical in an ode to regenerative design and environment. Old fabrics revive in new patterns, leftovers wake up in new styles. Nothing goes to waste, everything is transformed.

The Pattern is a paradoxical, loud, yet subtle, unruly, yet calm. The prints are digitalized motives of trees and smoke of a pyrography artwork made by local artisans. The inside and outside mingle, the concrete embraces the nature through forest-inspired prints and in accessories handbags that use tree branches for handles.

The Tailoring has shifted to explore more feminine direction. It is a nod to the history of Nehera that after streamlining the manufacturing of menswear tailoring, started the ready-made suiting for women in the late 1930s.

The Accessories are boisterous and timeless. Tailored bucket hats are a splendid combination of molded wool contrasting with sewn softer brims. Knotted scarf bags play with raw or polished wood handles. Temporary woven sock shoes and shoe covers rolled down sheer tights at the runway.

The Fabrics bring a novel take on comfort and fluidity in blown-up twill, overly brushed or laminated wool coating. The menswear feeling continues through the fabric, an array of glen plaid suiting patterns, while subtle lodes are used for experiments with volume. The Winter 2020 collection upcycles materials from previous seasons to create exclusive patchwork styles in unique Shearling coats.

The Palette represents a subtle dance of beige, ochre, pale grey and winter whites’ neutrals. Deep forest greens, teal and cobalt accents against more grounding burgundy, aubergine, and salmon.

NEHERA Winter 2020 collection is a journey of transformation and renewal that concludes in a harmonious balance between style and function.


At NEHERA the priority is comfort. Comfort that enhances performance. Each product is carefully considered, from the tactile materials, to the exemplary craftsmanship, such that every item evokes a sense of ease, purpose, innovativeness and elegance. Clothes are first pared back to their essence, reduced and refined to the tenets of utility. Then they are imbued with certain tenderness, warmth, optimism, and energy that has defined NEHERA from the very beginning. The culture at NEHERA champions vitality and spontaneity through its dynamic and collective approach to design. The collections, however, still feel grounded and unassuming. It is the balance between emotive gestures and restrained classicism, in terms of silhouette, colour palette, print, and technology that results in a unique spectrum of possibility, a wardrobe of potentiality. NEHERA endeavours to establish signatures that are identifiable by way of their subtlety and straightforwardness – products that are wearable, honest, playful and above all, quietly compelling.