ANREALAGE FW20 Paris Fashion Week



Introducing a fresh spin on diversity and sustainability, Kunihiko Morinaga builds on his playful approach to clothing construction through silhouettes composed of interchangeable, modular blocks.

From the trench coat to the MA-1 bomber, each garment is pieced together from an assemblage of geometric volumes – squares, rectangles, triangles, columns and semicircles – made to identical dimensions and proportions. Each section can then be detached and re-attached onto other pieces from the collection thanks to a system of snaps.

Cuffs transform into collars, trench sleeves clip onto the body of a lace dress, and a bodice flips to form the bottom of a skirt in this conceptual collection of pick ‘n’ mix hybrids. Possible combinations of colors and textures appear endless, spanning eco-fur, denim, Aran knit and sections of down-filled nylon puffers. The theme also extends to shoe heels made of stacked cubes.

Reconstructed from blocks of primary colors and textile patterns like argyle, houndstooth and graphic florals, voluminous silhouettes adopt a couture attitude as the designer reconfigures traditional geometric Japanese pattern-making techniques on generic wardrobe staples in bold, fun and versatile shapes.

An exercise in child’s play.