Paris fashion week started late Monday with the usual pomp and pageantry.

However, the participants around this time are faced by one seemingly interesting dilemma – whether or not they should be wearing the masks? It was later decided that the mask would be a must-have accessory!

Coronavirus cells in microscopic view. Virus from Wuhan casusing pandemic around the world. 3D render

The Paris Fashion Week begins right after Milan Fashion Week, and the situation over there was far more dramatic than what we are seeing in Paris. In Milan, Giorgio Armani’s collection had to send their models down the runaway in an empty theatre as the viral coronavirus outbreak had forced people to skip the event.

Despite massive overshadowing of the event by the virus outbreak, the City of Light continues to attract guests from far and wide. Models strutting on the ramp to showcase the color-rich culturally-inspired outfits is an indicator that we may not have as energetic of a fashion week as we usually have, but it would still go down in history as an event that did invite people from all over the world even when the virus was threatening people to stay indoors.

Health worker wearing a respiratory mask, holding the Coronavirus Covid-19 blood test sample,

But that’s not all about it. Amid the gloom and worry, a Nigerian designer is making waves. Kenneth Ize – the Nigerian designer just made his debut this Monday, launching his eponymous brand centered around clothing inspired from the African culture and heritage.

Fashion in the time of coronavirus could be a risky business, but that hasn’t stopped artists and guests from attending the glamorous Paris Fashion Week!