ROBYN NEWMARK Beauty Guru Takes Hollywood

Robyn Newmark is a stylist, makeup artist and beauty educator from Los Angeles.

Originally an art student, Newmark got her start in the beauty industry when two Redken educators hired her on the spot after witnessing her work on her friend’s makeup before prom at an LA salon. Two years later, Robyn got her makeup certification, followed by permanent makeup and skincare. Today, Robyn Newmark and Newmark Beauty’s clientele includes the likes of singer Aubrey O’Day, actress Mädchen Amick, and Lady Victoria Hervey. “It was kind of cool to be able to marry my two passions, which are artistry and education; and I get to do it in the beauty industry!” Newmark exclaims.



Newmark Beauty University
Newmark Beauty offers courses for aestheticians that focus on permanent makeup and skincare. Robyn takes time to not only teach them beauty techniques but how to survive in the beauty industry. “It’s not about molding each one of my students into a micro-me, it’s about teaching my students the craft and business development; developing them as entrepreneurs,” states the beauty guru, “I really love finding out what a student is passionate about; just finding what their unique quirks are and what their personalities are like because their brand is going to follow into that.” Newmark ends her thought by stating, “You can learn how to put eyelashes on someone but if you never learn how to run a business, you’ll never be successful.”

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ProCell and EpilFree
Newmark Beauty is on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to the beauty industry, using some of the most modern techniques and devices. One of these devices is the ProCell Microneedling device, which is used to improve the appearance of hair and skin. “A reason why my clients love it so much is that there is only about an hour or two of downtime needed,” Newmark says about the procedure favored by Dancing with the Stars’ Peta Murgatroyd and Peter Facinelli of Twilight fame, “nobody has time to stay out of sight for a week after treatments. It’s not realistic for people anymore.”

Another procedure that’s got the beauty world talking is the EpilFree treatment. Essentially, Epilfree is a professional system that utilizes two liquids (used in tandem) after waxing to gradually reduce and stop further growth of hair. “This is super exciting because your skin or hair color is no longer an issue,” Newmark says. “It started as an alternative to laser hair removal and its beginning to be the preferred choice.”

Newmark Beauty in 2020
It looks as though there are many new things on the horizon for Robyn and Newmark Beauty. “I’ll be expanding in Beverly Hills. I just opened up a training center and a beauty academy will be opening up,” Newmark excitedly says, “I welcome more clients but my focus is to educate and supply to other professionals. I just want to make sure my grads and students are prepared for the industry.”


By: Carlos Lacayo