Why These Celebrities Are Winning In Quarantine And So Should You

Let’s face it

everyone’s at home and COVID-19 has us all

out of synchronization.


With our daily routines voided, we are now left with the task of coming up with new things to do and trying to make the most of what we can in our space. But since community quarantine is what 2020 is all about. Our usual activities  nowadays, involve Netflix, watching the news, and the need to connect has increased more than ever. Most of us are either self-isolating at home, away from our loved ones or vice-versa and the need to socialize although virtually has become vital. Thanks to technology, we’ve been able to keep in touch with each other despite the current circumstances and this is where Instagram, Tik-Tok, Zoom, and twitch step in. These applications have become our newest best friends when it comes to real-time communication. Being at home can be overwhelming, but thanks to cooking shows, fitness, e-parties, and live streams, we now have a lot of things to keep us entertained and celebrities are getting on this bandwagon too.

Our favorite entertainers are trying to keep themselves busy and never did the age-old cliche “Celebrities — they’re just like us!” ring true. Amid all the gloom that we’ve been hearing from different parts of the world, here are some of the famous personalities, who are making the most out of quarantine while putting a smile on our faces.

Since the sporting season has been officially canceled due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Big season tournaments such as March Madness, UEFA, NBA, and the F1 GP have put a halt on all events. News of players getting infected has circulated and with the rising amount of cases that occurred, mass gatherings had to be stopped to curb the fast infection rate the virus had.But even though all our favorite athletes are at home, it doesn’t mean that they still can’t have us entertained with their sporting abilities from the comfort of their abodes. Take, for example, one of Mclaren’s young guns, Lando Norris has been making waves on social media by live-streaming his participation in the ESports Virtual GP, since all real races are suspended for the time being. The 20-year-old racing prodigy has been known for actively documenting his BTS videos every racing season and not one for stopping tradition, he still manages to give viewers prime racing content from the confines of his racing simulator and in true Lando style, while wearing fuzzy socks on the brake pads.

Source: Twitch/Youtube: Mclaren via Lando Norris sets new Twitch record after F1 cancels Aus Grand Prix

His twitch stream is filled with fits of laughter, cheekiness, and fun while competing with ESports’ finest simulator drivers and a few of his F1 colleagues, such as Renault’s Esteban Ocon, Stoffel Vandoorne, and Max Verstappen from Redbull Racing.

Zoom parties have become the latest trend during this new #stayhome reality and getting a few cocktails with your friends via social distancing has become essential. There’s nothing more fun than kicking up your heels in your living room on a Friday night and enjoying a G&T, especially since our favorite artists are all doing shows of their hits via their social media platforms.
Leading the pack of artists is Popstar Queen Dua Lipa. After months of waiting, she finally releases her long-awaited second album “Future Nostalgia” making it the ultimate isolation era playlist. Not stopping there, she has blessed our feeds with performances of her singles “Don’t Start Now” and “Break My Heart” on Instagram and Youtube.

Source: Photo by Hugo Comte for Dua Lipa’s ‘Future Nostalgia’: Album Review


While on the other side of the pond, world-famous DJs Diplo and Dillon Francis collaborated to give us ” Coronight Fever” a live DJ set that is virtually the equivalent of Coachella and Tomorrowland but in the comforts of your den.

Photo grab via Instagram — Thomas Wesley @diplo
Source: Youtube — Masterclass & Gordon Ramsay
Source: Youtube — Citalia & Gennaro Contaldo

Cooking up a storm is now the new norm and this is a skill everyone can work on. Now is the perfect time to watch cooking videos and learn how to be the best home cook you can be. Chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Gennaro Contaldo, and others are there to give you the ultimate helping hand in achieving that 5-star restaurant quality touch to your home-cooked meals and desserts. Streaming platforms are receiving a lot of love at the moment and you’re binge-watching the shows that you saved on your list. *finally right?* — and to make it more fun, Netflix came out with a new feature called “Watch Party”.
So if you don’t feel like watching the newest season of Money Heist alone, it’s time to get your friends together via virtual reality-style or take a cue from Dan Smith, The lead singer of Bastille. Because the band’s tour dates have been canceled, he opted to create a film club called The Distraction Tactics tour.

Source: BASTILLE on Twitter: “🌍 Distraction Tactics: Film Club 🌍 Next Stop: USA #distractiontactics… “
Source: Simon Pegg will be joining the Distraction Tactics livestream tonight! : Bastille

Smith’s idea behind this is taking his followers on a tour around the world through films per country. The best part about this is, anyone can join in. His love for pictures paved a way to connect with his fellow movie lovers by hosting Instagram live shows to discuss with fans what their thoughts are about the feature. On some days, you will find him on the piano playing a few tracks from the band’s setlist. Now besides cooking, movies, live streams, and e-parties. Healthwise we also have a few celebrities and trainers motivating us to keep our sanity in check by encouraging us to get physical. Fitness apps and Youtube tutorials have become your at-home trainers and among these fitness heroes is Chris Hemsworth. Thor himself will help you keep fit and fighting with his app Centr. Hemsworth is an avid fitness enthusiast and the concept behind Centrfit focuses on eating healthy, working out with Chris’s incredible team of trainers, and being mentally fit.

Source: Chris Hemsworth © COPYRIGHT GREG FUNNELL 2018 via https://centr.com/
Source: Photo via  https://centr.com/

Because the pandemic has us all in knots, Centrfit’s membership subscription has been reduced, which gives us all the opportunity to be “quarantoned.”
Other notable mentions are Simone De La Rue and Liv Lo Golding, these female powerhouses have been conducting live classes through Instagram and Tiktok in addition to giving discounts on their app subscriptions.



Source: https://www.ifitnessprograms.com/body-by-simone/

Simone De La Rue is one of Hollywood’s hottest fitness trainers known for BBS( Body By Simone) her high-intensity cardio workouts combine dance and good fun while also enabling women to enjoy and love their bodies.

Source: https://fit-sphere.com/public-class/

Liv Lo Golding, the newest addition to team fittie collaborated with Fitsphere to provide a diverse home – work out that combines HIIT, yoga, and weights.  She also talks about mental health and self-care while sending out good vibes to everyone during these uncertain times. In light of the pandemic, taking care of ourselves has become more imperative and having a healthy immune system makes all the difference when it comes to combating the new reality of our world. It’s important to remember that we aren’t alone and with all these little treasures of information online, anyone can win in quarantine, no matter where you are.

by Cyan Leigh