Aika Iskakova Is Miss Nation Universe Miami 2020

Akerke (Aika) – about achievements and living the lifestyle of an Internationally published model

Currently living in New York, she juggles her modelling career with being a student. Began her career at the age of 15, after taking private lessons at a modelling school. Since then, her passion has always revolved around modelling. She made her presence in the Industry by gracing covers such as Elements (NYC), #1MAG (Kazakhstan) FHM (Netherlands) GMARO (France) Faddy (Italy) Surreal (Germany). In 2015, she represents her country in Miss Planet (Georgia) and Miss Grand Sea Universe (Bulgaria) in Europe. She also represented her country in the International Miss Nation Universe in Miami 2020 after being elected and she wins that crown. Later on in 2019, Akerke participated at NYFW for a well known Australian fashion designer. As the winner of the Miss Nation Universe 2020 beauty contest she was invited twice to be a special guest at the Russian Radio in Brooklyn. Akerke was nominated for The Golden 1000 International Business Award in Europe (Spain, Barcelona) in one of the most outstanding world business projects. The mission of the project is bringing together the most successful people in the world from different professions, their network, coverage among a wide audience, as well as their contributions to the motivation of the world community in order to help them achieve high professional results. The Award annually highlights the names of Crème de la crème. Earlier, Golden 1000, nominees were Princess Tessy Anthony Luxemburg (London), and many other incredibly bright personalities. The nomination of winners takes place in different countries of the world and the names of Golden 1000 nominees are covered by the Top Media of 38 countries. Despite her young age, Akerke, dynamically developed in professional modelling, having become the face of American and European glossy covers. The model’s exotic Eurasian appearance attracted the attention of the jury of the international Miss Nation Universe beauty contest, where Akerke became a winner. Akerke’s hobbies are fencing and dancing. Studying at Fashion TV model school in New York, the model is also involved in charitable activities

Photographer | Victoria Janashvili
Makeup Artist | Victor Noble
Assistant | Olivia Paige
Style | Kristina Askerova


When did you start modelling and what drove you towards this
My first step to modelling was when I was 15 years old. I remember saying to my mother that I want to go to a modelling school and learn catwalk, how to play on camera, and not at the last to open up my artistic side. Since when I was a child I wanted so bad to have a modelling career.

What is your message for the new girls wishing to become successful
in this industry?
Well, the most important thing, of course, it’s to believe in your dream, to be ambitions,  to work very hard, and never give up! Because it’s not easy and it is very important to have a winner energy and mindset and always take the risk.

What are the hardest parts of the job which made you quit at one
moment maybe?
Well… my dreams and plans are stronger than me. Even If I had many hard times, I never thought about giving up. Because, I am a strong believer that hard moments  are those to make us stronger and give us a higher power and in the end the desire to win.

Which are your favourite parts from your career or work or jobs?
I love everything about my career, my career it’s me. There are many great parts… It’s creating a new project, participating at fashion shows, beauty contests, but from all these I guess performing is probably the favourite moment of my work.  I get so much adrenaline and emotions when that happens.

Which are the top things you reached already and whats the feeling
of achieving them and also what are the ones you aspire now for the new
Perhaps any person working in this field wants recognition, and I also wanted international recognition and wanted that in large cities, like New York for example, because in such cities there is a lot of competition, and there is a massive flow of people who are stronger and smarter than you and there are a lot of conscripts in these big cities and thats why it always worth giving a try.  Perhaps my most exciting moment is the presentation of the International Business Awards 2020 in Spain, Barcelona, where I was chosen as model, and became the winner of this international beauty contest called “Miss National Universe 2020”.

What about lifestyle? Is it hard to keep up the step with everything (from food to personal goals to sport to parties or self-time) while you are also very busy doing the jobs?
My life is very organised and I would say that I am as responsible as a Swiss and I respect time as a German. So, I have time for everything, to my personal life, family, friends, time go at the gym, to study, to hang out with friends, and of course, to work. I spend the biggest part of my life working on my career.  When it comes to food, I have special rules:  Firstly, I love to eat and to feel free to eat any of my favourite dishes. Healthy food it’s energy to stay strong and positive and of course, we have to care about our body to stay beautiful, that why I think it is important to love yourself and love your body. Because if you love your body, it makes you much happier so we have to pay very well attention to our food. Regarding time, even now, in this Covid-19 quarantine, we can all see how much free time we have, and still sometimes not using it right. This quarantine is teaching us to respect our time more and our home, this beautiful Planet.

Which part do you love the most, from photoshoots? fashion/beauty/concepts or a combination of many?
I prefer fashion. And I’m always open to trying something new.

You look amazing! How much sport you do? Do you also have any
specific food diet?
Thank you, dear, firstly it’s a genetic factor. I have my hobby, my favourite sport, it is fencing. I first became acquainted with fencing at the age of 8 and since then this sport has remained in my memory as one of the most beautiful and complex in its technique.  The beautiful, flawless, white uniform looks very elegant and it is one of the oldest sports in the world that originated in France. About food… I don’t have a special diet. I just don’t eat sweets since childhood.

If someone wants to work with you do you also travel the world? And where can we find you? Instagram? Facebook? Twitter or website?

Yes, of course, international business trips are an integral part of the work.  It is always pleasant to make them;  it is always a nice experience. You can find me on my Instagram page and my website.

Was lovely chatting with you dear Aika!  You are inspiring!  We wish you success and a lot of energy to keep inspiring the whole world. 

Thank you British THOUGHTS! I loved the interview and I look forward to show you more as soon as this pandemic ends. Just keep an eye on me, you’ll love to see whats coming!