Artifex from Modeling to Singing

Brilliant and vivacious, Artifex is ready to take the music universe by storm.


Born to a Cuban father and a Finnish mother, her childhood was surrounded by cultural duality. It was the best of both worlds for the budding young artist.
Musically speaking, her taste is varied. She started taking singing seriously and spent her time in studios writing songs and recording back-up vocals. Shortly after graduating, she moved to Italy as a model, walking in shows for designers such as Valentino, Etro, Cedric Charlier, and Antonio Marras. During her stint, she shot campaigns and gained opportunities to grow. Whilst modeling gave her a long break from music, her heart was still with music. Artifex’s return to music occurred when she received an invitation to perform with the San Marino Orchestra at the Expo – Milan Show. Her performance received rave responses from the audience. Since then, Artifex was determined to have a successful career in music, in doing so, she made the big move to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. Her performance at “The Mint La Club” got the attention of The True Makers Music Group. After honing her skills further with Grammy Nominee Frankie J, Artifex released the singles ” Lo Que Paso and “Borron Y Cuenta Nueva.” At this moment, she is currently working on new track releases and hopes to have a full track album by the end of the year.

Photographer | Rowan Daly
Creative Director | Derek Warburton
West Coast Fashion Editor Yuni Kim
Retoucher | Lidiia Berezhnaia

Pink Cowboy hat: Opening Ceremony


When did you first start singing?
I started to take my singing seriously at the age of 12.

What was the inspiration behind your stage name?
Artifex in Latin means artists, performers, and creators. That is what I stand for, Artifex is me.

Mock neck sequin bodysuit by Cheng-Huai Chuang

You grew up in a multi-cultural home, your parents hail from diverse cultural backgrounds. Which holiday does your family celebrate the most?
My family is not the most traditional. The holidays we like to celebrate are Christmas, New Year, and the Swedish midsummer

Who were the musical icons that you looked up to?
Sade, Celia Cruz, Whitney Huston, Alicia Keyes, Lady Gaga, Shakira, Erykah Badu, and more.

What was the inspiration behind Borron Y Cuenta Nueva?
Erased & a new account. That’s the literal translation of the song. It is a break-up song talking about a restart a new beginning. erasing the old and opening a new account.

Floral monocle by Aliona Kononova, white crop tank by Saloni and camo sequin pant by Cheng-Huai Chuang

In the future, are you open to record any songs in English?
Yes, definitely! I’ve already started transitioning to record in English, that will be next.

Musically, are there any genres you would want to explore?
I’d love to explore more, I see no limits in mixing different music genres, that’s what I’m all about. This is just the beginning.

How do you keep your creativity flowing in our new normal?
I try to keep my calm and inner peace balanced. my creativity flows well when I keep my calm.Feather vest: Aliona Konokova | Denim shorts: Vintage CK denim

What message are you trying to put out with your music?
My intention is to spread out positive messages of Self-empowerment. Keep on going and reach your goals.

Do you have any advice you can give to aspiring singers?
Clarify your dreams and goals to yourself first, and then go get them!


Article by Cyan Leigh