Cristina Dam : How to Take Control of Your Spirit

World renowned Hypnotherapist Cristina Dam shares her 5 most important tips to rediscovering our spirituality

Not since the start and finish of the imperial war have we experienced such a time of endings and transitions. As we see not just our rebuilt land changing before our eyes, we are also seeing the world change. It’s natural to want to retreat to our English tea and marmite mornings, but as much as we try to find a scrap of what once made us feel normal, the farther we feel ourselves fall back into the gloomy weather within. Never in our lives did we think we would have experienced a time such as the one we are living through now. It’s a hard time for many as we feel the ground breaking beneath us but the shut-in presents in our brownstone homes is a chance for all of us to develop new coping skills to reframe our perspective. These tools will enable us to see the opportunities presenting themselves in the current environment. At Liberate Hollywood and Liberate Emporium, the largest holistic centers in Los Angeles, owner and spiritual guru Cristina Dam offers everything from breath-work to Reiki and card reading to bring mind and body into spiritual alignment. With celebrity clients like Adam Sandler, this licensed hypnotherapist is here to share her 5 tips on how to improve and sustain your mental health. Many people in this time of uncertainty are finding themselves living in a state of fear and anxiety, many of whom are also suffering with low-grade depression. The overall feeling is loss and a shadowed state of falling victim to the world’s circumstances.  Now while there is truth in those emotions, the feeling it leaves is very disempowering; people feel a loss of control. I am here to tell you it does not have to be like this. If you can hijack your thoughts and your feelings, your perspective will shift. No longer will you feel powerless in these uncertain times.

  1. Change the story: Ask yourself how is this serving me positively, instead of holding onto the “poor me” mentality. How you see the world is a reflection of how you feel about your life and the world beyond. There are life lessons all around us and when you can understand that, you regain power over your life.
  2. Discover what you want :How do you want to feel? What do you want to do? What do you want to stop doing? You have had a hand in creating everything in your life but now you can create what you truly want instead. You just have to be clear on what it is that you want. Once you know, make a list of the steps you will take to get there. We feel amazing and in control when we accomplish something and are moving towards our goals. Don’t let these days just fly by! Ask yourself, what do you really want to do? Now let’s get started so you can achieve that.
  3. Create a routine to change: Rome wasn’t built in a day and change happens one step at a time. Break things down in small manageable steps. Repetition and routine rewire you for success. Be gentle and patient with yourself because change takes time and practice, with lots of mistakes along the way. Know that every expert was once a beginner too. Identify the changes you want to bring forth in your life and acknowledge that this is not a race. It is you against you and no one else.
  4. Focus on the positive:The attitude of gratitude: Focus on what you have accomplished and what you are grateful for. Remind yourself of what you do have.  You have heard this before but the attitude of gratitude is vital. It is easy to get carried away with feeling unworthy but when you start going down that path, redirect your focus to what you do have and you will regain control. Think about the extra time you have now to recharge, read, or learn. Think about all the blessings in your life. Gratitude creates the energy that brings more positivity.
  5. Break your state: When you are spiraling, stop and break your state.  Our mind and body are crossed-wired and if you feel yourself starting to feel low or have negative thoughts, it is time to break your state and literally get up and move. Rolling your shoulders back a few times helps regain power and confidence, a walk around the block, or even moving your body left to right like a washing machine will help you shake off that negativity and ground you back to present-day reality. Wear a rubber band/ hair tie around the wrist, and anytime your mind wanders to these undermining thoughts, flick the rubber band and state something positive about yourself. Then move the rubber band to the other wrist. We can relearn to think positive.