2020, The Biggest Lesson of Self-Love and Evolution for Humanity

 ‘’ In a second of negligence’’…this is how the journey for the humanity began  

It takes only a second of negligence, for everything to change and never be the same. A second of negligence when you are crossing the street, a second of negligence when you say something painful to the one you love, a second of negligence and you can break something that for you was so valuable or years of negligence, when you took every day for granted, when you did not say ‘I love you’ to the ones that matter, when you missed sunsets because you had your eyes glued on the phone. Years of negligence when you preferred to stay home instead of meeting your friends or family, being sure tomorrow is another option also for your meetings, years of negligence when we ignored the global warming, the melt of the icebergs, the extinction of animals, the pollution, the hunger in the world, the lack of time to enjoy life, the important moments missed with our families, the rush, the hunger for more and for power, the endless signs we received from our beloved Mother Earth that she is suffocating and she is about to die if we don’t do anything, all this, in a second of negligence, turned into our jail.

       And with all this, the process of healing, loving and growing started, for us and for the Mother Earth

We woke up one morning, taking again everything for granted and in a second of negligence, everything changed. The world as we knew it, vanished. In a second of negligence, everything collapsed around us, without even having time to react, to do, or to say anything. We woke up and realized that everything we took for granted, day after day, year after year, month after month, was not there anymore. We woke up in a world where we became the prisoners of our own mistakes and ignorance. We were trapped in a game that seemed to be played by evil hands, taking away from us everything we always took for granted: our lives, our jobs, our friends, our families, the sunrises, the kisses, the celebrations, the music, the parties, the gatherings, everything disappeared behind a wall we could not break. The day of awakening came and the process begun. For some, this process is one of remembering how is it to spend time with your family, for some it’s a moment to see if you are or not in the right relation, for some it’s a process of finding themselves, for some it’s a process of fighting their darkest demons, for some it’s a time to rest and recover. For some it’s a process of mourning and losing everything they never had time or cared to appreciate, for some it’s a process of creating a life, for some it’s a process of rediscovering themselves, for some it’s a process of remembering who they truly are, for some it’s the vacation they did not have for years, for some it’s a break from a reality they did not like, but they did not know how to escape from it. For some it’s a new beginning, for some it’s time to end things and for all of us, it a process of realizing what have we done to ourselves, to the connections between us and to our planet.

We had to be imprisoned in our houses, so we can let the planet breath and heal. And she did. Our beautiful Mother Earth is healing and breathing fresh air again, because we stopped damaging her. The sad part is that we had to be locked in our houses for this. We could not understand and we did not care about her desperate signals, that s she’s dying, so we had to reach this point, so she can breathe again.

I am wondering, if the humanity actually understood the essence of all this, I wonder if people realized how much we damaged our planet, the only home we have, how much we ignored the little things that we crave for now, I wonder if, after all this will be over, people will love more, will be more grateful, will appreciate the gatherings, the concerts, the birthdays, the special moments with their loved ones, the smell of fresh air after the rain, the joy of walking in the park in a beautiful sunny day, their jobs, their lives, their bodies, their small routines,  the tweet of the birds, the chaos of the crowded cities, the vacations they are going to, the people they love, the time, the sunsets, the moon, the love, the sound of the waves, the taste of the ice cream in a hot summer day, the lessons they learned, the freedom,that now is taken away from them, so they can think and learn.

Gratitude and love are the strongest powers in the Universe. They have the power to transmute and to unite, to make things that seemed impossible, become real. They have the power to heal, to bring magic, to perform miracles where there was no more hope; they have the power to bring the people together in a world that seems doomed and lost.

I am walking through ghost cities and the question that does not leave me alone is: was it all in vain or after this, we will all integrate in our daily lives the precious gifts of life, the love and the gratitude? We will make every moment matter and we will live every day involved, active and present in the moment or we will just go back to our old habits? I have faith we learned our lessons. I hope you have it too…

I also hope that this isolation made you all realize that:

  • Taking things for granted it’s a mistake
  • Health is one of the most important gifts of life
  • Family and friends should be valued and appreciated more
  • Superheroes don’t always wear costumes(doctors, workers, cleaners and all the people who stayed in the front line)
  • Letting things you wanted to do today, for tomorrow, it’s not an option anymore
  • There is nothing that can guarantee you that you have another tomorrow, another smile, another hug, another chance to say ‘I love you’
  • Love and gratitude are the most powerful forces in the universe and no matter how hard it is, they will always help you get through the storm
  • And one more important thing, I hope everyone had the time to rediscover itself, time to remember and to discover new things that bring passion and happiness in your lives, time to analyze and realize if you are on the right path, doing the right thing, with the right persons, in harmony and peace

I hope, after all this ends, all of us to love ourselves more, our lives, our bodies, our families and friends, our planet and our passions and to live every day with grace, gratitude and love in our hearts and to spread all this in the world and to our beloved Mother Earth.

Unconditional love for you all, my readers!

Article by Anca Dinut