Nolan Carroll: A Different Mindset, A Different Game

From Football to Business

NFL alum, father, entrepreneur, philanthropist& fashion enthusiast are just some of the titles held by NFL star Nolan Carroll – who has played for the Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, and Dallas Cowboys. Since retirement Carroll has transitioned into the business world; spearheading cutting edge tech w his app CoinGoat & also partnering w YoloRum. In perhaps his most important role since leaving the field (besides fatherhood) he is making change w his foundation; The Nolan Carroll foundation whose mission is to support Science Technology Engineering and Math educational opportunities, job skill training and to promote and encourage physical activities for underprivileged and at-risk youths.

In the current world Covid 19 climate he is using his platform and sharing his story in the hopes to inspire the next generation w his own podcast, blog and so much more content to push a new generation to ask questions and start on their own path to personal, physical and mental success and wellness.

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How was the adjustment after retiring from football? Was it difficult to shift into a life that’s less athletically demanding?
The adjustment was a little rough at first. It was hard to adjust to a new routine, but more importantly, it was figuring out what my true passions are and knowing the right people to surround myself with if I wanted a better me. Most of our lives in football is spent sheltered, really most professional sports. Many things are done for us so we can focus solely on our crafts. When we no longer are playing and move on in life, many things we didn’t pay attention to slap us in the face. From people thinking less of you, or not the same person because you no longer have your “Super Hero” cape on. Many friends, acquaintances, attention, special privileges all change, the sad thing is people value you less, they think that when you spot playing everything that they think you are goes away. That’s entirely not true and players need to realize that we still have great value even after the game. Many athletes can not adjust to an identity that they created on the field to be put to the side and start a new one. The ones that have, see that there is a lot of opportunities to really use their voice, their leverage, and support from former athletes they may have played with to rebuild themselves again. This time they get to control every aspect of it, not a team, not an agent, sportscasters critiquing them with no prior experience in the game we play, but always have a say so after the fact.
You are no longer dealing with that and start to believe in total freedom to do whatever it is you want. Just need to put the exact same work into your life as you did while preparing to be a pro and during your career.

Your son is 6 years old now, is he showing any interest that he wants to play football or any other sports?
Yes.Very much!! I would love for him to play football and teach him the things I learned about the game, I can see it all the time he wants to follow his dad. Another part of me is scared because I experienced several concussions (7) in my career and I would not want that for my own son, not until they figure out better protocols for head injuries. If he would like to play I would let him, but it has to be his passion, not a passion he thinks he wants to make me proud. I have been proud ever since he was born.
I really want him to follow the football path I did when I was young and I see him getting more and more interested in it. Any sports he decided to do I will support it, just like my family supported me when I decided to play football.Some parents are trying to be creative in keeping their kids motivated and entertained nowadays, from Tiktok to funhouse dinner parties, what kind of activities have you been improvising with your son during these uncertain times?
I have been giving him motivational and challenge videos since he lives in Pennsylvania and I live in Florida. Mostly have been soccer videos challenging him to dribble with his left leg, then his right, dribble in and out of cones, control the ball. He is very athletic so each. Anything to be supportive at this time through video is the best thing I can do. He is only six but has taken it upon himself to start some YouTube videos, he told me “Dad I can do that”. So he had his mother film him most of the time during this quarantine. They have been great videos. It’s also helping me see his personality and how it develops each day. I can’t wait to see him again for the summer. Very excited!!

When it comes to life during this pandemic, how do you keep yourself busy and motivated to have a steady routine?
I have always been self-motivated and this for me was no different. When this pandemic came many started seeing how they were getting stifled and what they couldn’t do. I saw what I COULD do. That invested in myself. I created my own studio in my house. I can record my vlogs, podcast, pictures, create more to help with my foundation, cool other things in my life I am finally now sharing with the public. I have enjoyed doing things to build my life in spite of this.
I found that many of my stories have some relatable aspects that can help someone bring more value in their life to one day help another. For me it’s been fun, we have been given so much time to really discover ourselves and imagine what we want our lives to be like after this pandemic. My outlook on life has been bright because I am in control, and I know what it is I want to accomplish.

You’ve become quite the businessman, you’re excelling with Yolo and Coingoat, what made you want to be part of these ventures? And in the near future, once the world opens up again, what field of business would you be keen to explore?
I know right!? I love it though, creating something from an idea is what keeps me motivated to continue to build these businesses, the world is constantly changing, and with that creates more possibilities.
YoloRum I reached out to them to sponsor my first golf tournament for my foundation.
Then after that, we just hit it off. I really saw this as a legacy builder something I can create with a group of people that believe in integrity and have a standard to uphold to themselves. The more we have explored this journey the more we capitalize on possibilities. We have been getting a lot of assistance with Google and they have given us assets and access to resources we couldn’t as a team image. I am proud of Phil and the team for allowing me to come on board and help them establish the Yolo Rum brand.

What’s the best advice you can give to retired football players when it comes to adjusting to life after the NFL?
The best advice I can give to a fellow retiree? Just to embrace the great moments to create and congratulate yourself on what you were able to accomplish in that time frame of your young life. Thank the ones who helped you and sacrificed for you. Embrace that you gave it everything you had and since you were young all you thought about was being great you felt it. You still feel it but now find a way to use it for a new path one that you will enjoy again and continue to enjoy because you can realize that you, you created your life to get to the NFL and you can create it after as well.


Article by Cyan Leigh