Ana Espinola’s Fierce, Powerful and Bringing In Latina Flair

Ana Espinola is a glamour model, playmate, athlete, and fitness model

Born in the city of Asuncion, Paraguay, Ana Espinola first started her modeling career as a hobby, while her main career as an accountant didn’t pan out, Her first step in the world of pose started in Mexico, first as an image model  She was always passionate about fitness, calling the attention of Playboy, FHM, and Women’s Fitness with her outstanding dedication to glamour modeling and keeping fit. She still joins expeditions such as the Florida Estatal Championship and the Olympia Brazil Amateurs in São Paulo placing in the top 5. She currently enjoys success as a social media influencer and entrepreneur.


When did you decide to get into modeling and how did it all start?
When I was 19,  I was studying and working in an office at the same time, it was really exhausting, and during weekends I have free time, so I decided to do it, like activations, fashion shows, I never expected to become my main career. After a few weekends I receive the offer to work in Mexico, I didn’t think twice, I jumped on a plane, and here I am.

When it comes to posing for photos, what’s the best advice you can give in achieving the perfect portrait?
To have clear what you want to project, health, fitness, beauty, remember the eyes don’t lie 🙂

Photographer | @Johanan  Nafate  Makeup Artist | Luis Velveet

You exude such wonderful confidence in your images. How did you overcome any anxiety when it comes to posing in front of the camera? What was your first photo shoot like?
Inhale confidence exhale doubt, my first photoshoot I was nervous, I was overweight before so I wasn’t feeling comfortable about myself after I lose weight, I felt I own the set. I overcome anxiety with self-confidence, repeating myself self every day I was able and capable to do it.

What are the highs and lows of being a glamour model in a social media-driven environment?
The highs are that you have a voice, to influent people, on nice causes, I try to use my voice for charity, and helping. The lows are you are on the eye of the public, and you have critics all the time, If you lose weight, if you are skinny, if you party, if you don’t party. It is hard to please everyone. So just have in mind, is better when the public talks about you, instead of being invisible.

If you weren’t a model, what would have been your other dream career?
Doctor, all my family is focused on medicine, my dad is a neurosurgeon, My mom was a nutritionist, my youngest sister is studying the same as well. So I am the black/pink sheep of the family hehe.

Since we’re all at home for now, are there any activities you’ve been trying out? Like painting? cooking? or dare I say it, TikTok?
I downloaded TikTok, yes, but haven’t done any TikTok yet, I am practicing my cooking skills in this quarantine.

If you were to name three people that inspire you the most. who would they be and why?
Michelle Obama is an example of hard work and education, most people think models are not educated that’s why they choose their career, and that’s not true. I speak 5 languages and I have an accountant degree.
Marilyn Monroe, more than a beauty icon, she is the inspiration of beauty, accepting our body with love, (having been one of the first playmates) and her enthusiasm with the public.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, every time I watch his videos, is just a motivation for fitness. He was insulted at his beginnings, receiving critics “no talent”, he worked so hard in prooving his talent and his dedication, now after doing the Olympia, the next show is the Arnold Classic.

What’s the best advice you can give for an aspiring athlete/glamour model?
Don’t ever give up, remember, “You can only see rightly with the heart because essential is invisible to the eye”, so when a door closes, thousands of windows are open.
Most of the times, (when I was beginning) I assisted in a lot of castings, and sometimes, I  don’t ever receive “the call-back”, which that makes me sad, and feel “untalented”, after few castings, I realized there’s a market for fitness, for beauty, for fashion, for XL size.
So please, the first NO, you receive, is not an existential negative, it’s just circumstantial, maybe the next time you try,  you’ll have the leading role so it’s important to not give up and follow your dreams.


Article by Cyan Leigh