Why is Cryobank and Stem Cells The Future

Both of these practices are a sign that the human race is not coming to an end very soon!

Just when we think we have reached the absolute top of medical progress, we are quickly reminded of how we still cannot cure cancer, or diabetes, or several other life-threatening chronic ailments. This kills the whole argument about how far we have come, but with the rise in Cryobanking and experimentation with Stem Cells, we are sure that in the near future, this argument regularly pitted against medical progress will die its own death!

Cryobank, simply put is Sperm Banking that lets you freeze the sperm for any reason and conceive whenever you are ready. This practice is a godsend for people who are at risk of infertility, heading overseas in the military, or simply planning ahead. Cryobank keeps the sperm healthy and viable, and babies conceived using cryopreserved sperm are as healthy as those conceived naturally. The procedure involves storing the sperm in a high-tech freezer at -196°C until needed. It’s especially great for those diagnosed with prostate cancer, testicular cancer, or diabetes.

Now, on to the next big thing! Stem Cells are cells with the capability to transform into cells of any kind, for example, heart cells, lung cells, brain cells, etc. New studies reveal that these cells can even form whole organs, but this still needs work and there are a number of challenges on the way. Researchers recently treated a diabetic mouse by transforming stem cells into insulin-producing cells. Previously, back in 1992, an entire mouse was produced with just stem cells. The practice of obtaining stem cells from an embryo is controversial due to moral implications but researchers have succeeded in manipulating pluripotent cells to use them as stem cells.


Article by British Thoughts