Dr. Mark Tam, London Hairline Expert

Top Hair Restoration Surgeon

Dr. Mark Tam is a hairline expert based in Harley Street. He was awarded the Top Hair Restoration Surgeon, also voted as the Number One hair transplant surgeon in London, for three consecutive years.
He has worked hard under many master surgeons and has now been doing transplants for 11 years. That unique guidance, knowledge, insight, and experience has given him the foundation to build on his niche and become a specialist in his craft. Now he has patients coming to him from all over London who want the perfect hairline.
For Dr.Mark, it is about quality over quantity. He provides the finest and most natural results and his happy clients are the biggest prove.

We asked him two important questions to know what it drives him.

Why did you choose to specialize in the hairline area?
I wasn’t sure if it was me choosing the specialized hairline area or the area has chosen me. either way, you got to love it to do it well.

What do you enjoy most in the hairline area
It is a craftsman thing, we love it more when they love it too. When my patients come back and show me their great hairline, or when they introduce a family or friend to have some work done. It really made my day.  The process itself is fun too, it’s like custom making something that is unique for that person, and everyone has their own personal preference, guiding them through the process and seeing it through till the end results are really satisfying. sometimes it feels like restoring it to its former glory, it feels special to be part of it.

The level of customer service to his patients is extraordinary. His team prepare a hairdresser on the day, they custom design post-treatment caps, provide PlayStation to keep patients occupied during the procedure, and offer lunch during a break. He also offers a premium service that sends patients home in a personal chauffeur car. Wow!

Check Dr. Mark  website and Instagram for more details about his work.


Article by Faris Stingrai