How Cannabis is Reshaping The World Now

The legal marijuana business has proved to be as resilient as it was pre-pandemic

Truthfully, it’s always been a booming enterprise. Primarily, because it has many health benefits — many have been proven by researchers. That does support the argument, “weed isn’t a drug, it’s an herb.”Image Source – © cendeced | Adobe Stock

The Netherlands has been the prime example of legal marijuana consumption for many years. Their drug policy is directed by the idea that every human being may decide about the matters of their health. (source –Amsterdam Drugs Policy)
On the other side of the pond, The United States slowly followed with decriminalizing cannabis. At least 11 states have issued decrees for recreational purposes while 33 have designated its uses for medicinal purposes.
Since cannabis became legally consumed in America, there’s no denying that the industry has accumulated a massive amount of revenue. A whopping $52 billion, to be exact.
Analysts have estimated that the industry will have an enormous economic impact on the market in the future with a total amount of $77 billion by 2022. Now with Covid-19 effectively shutting down the whole of 2020, all industries are suffering from major economic pitfalls. But unsurprisingly, cannabis thrives.

Image Source – Legal Medical Marijuana States and DC

Since the pandemic set foot in the US and states have called for their people to stay at home. The legal cannabis industry has innovatively turned this crisis into an opportunity-driven situation that will ensure its long-term success in the future.
With the lockdown in place, all states have unanimously declared that cannabis businesses are essential for health purposes and this has led to establishments offering curb-side pick-ups and deliveries for the safety of their consumers.
Statistics have shown that there has been a definitive growth of mental illnesses such as anxiety, insomnia, and others. Cannabis has been proven to treat several health ailments that make it a must-have during this highly stressful time.
Niall, 31 said ” It’s been a blessing to have it around. Since the pandemic started, I’ve been having some at night, it’s helping my insomnia and anxiety. It’s also been a good aid in forming a routine for myself.”Image Source – 14 Best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam for a Legal High

With vaccine trials ongoing, everyone is looking for a potential cure that would finally stop the virus. Along with these potential drugs, Cannabis has also become part of the race in beating Covid-19. Scientists are now testing the possibility that marijuana could be the cure for the virus. (source – Canadian study finds that enzymes in cannabis could treat COVID-19).Nevertheless, even if we are still far from normalization, there is still a glimmer of hope. The industry has secured a big achievement, the destigmatization of using cannabis. In that sense, it’s reshaping the world. Now, it’s a necessity that holds up highly with Uber-Eats, Oreos, And Organic Produce.


Article by Cyan Leigh