Saturnalis, Your Bespoke Travel experience

Switch off your phone and let Saturnalis take you to the world of your dreams!

Saturnalis is a bespoke travel experience provider that takes its name from Saturnalia, the ancient Roman festival in honor of the God Saturn, held on 17 December of the Julian calendar. Saturnalis means celebrations, therefore they take pride in offering an unforgettable celebration experience to their guests.

Born in 2014, Saturnalis had at the beginning a slightly different scope. At the time they were creating limited private events with a joyful content of entertainment across Rome & London. During the course of the years, the interest shifted and got more aligned with what they enjoy the most in life. So then, the founders decided to combine their life passions into a single wonderful story.

In essence, Saturnalis is now a bespoke travel experience provider that designs unique tours based entirely on guest’s genuine desires across Italy and Britain.
For them, all starts with building a trusted and sincere relationship with guests, to lead them into their journeys made of authentic locations, memorable activities, and sincere emotions.
Saturnalis, outline their experiences in a way that guarantees authenticity and pure satisfaction. To achieve this ambitious intention, they avoid too popular destinations, five stars hotels, glamorous restaurants, and any other travel elements that because of their notoriety have lost the feel of uniqueness.

Saturnalis provides a distinctive path for its guests. A pathway where their knowledge will be stimulated by learning new interesting things, and where the route enhanced by simplicity and tailor-made experiences will give the visitors the time of their life. To make their travel dreams come true, Saturnalis only collaborate with their trusted long term partners who allow them to offer the best and unique options.

We believe that delivering Excellence and real Emotions make us truly unique.

 Meet the Saturnalis Family

The Founder, Mr. Daniele Balzarotti was privileged to be born and raised in Rome, Italy, a city with an incredible history and cultural heritage. By creating Saturnalis Experience he wanted to pay a tribute to his homeland and Britain where he’s spent over ten years of his life working in a corporate environment and luxury travel industry.
The magic began in 2014 when Saturnalis started hosting private parties and events for its affluent members in Rome and London with remarkable success. Daniel subsequently decided to take the venture to the whole new level and created a bespoke travel offer for existing and future visitants.

The Chief of Excellence, Marie​ Vida understands bespoke travel inside out. Having visited 52 countries to date, attended sporting and cultural events such as the Venice Biennale, Monaco Grand Prix, Cannes Film Festival, and Wimbledon, she is also fluent in four languages and works as a fashion model for emerging luxury brands. In light of this extensive travel knowledge and experience and a previous career in a corporate environment, Marie manages relationships with guests and partners.

Co-Founder Mr. Fausto De Quarto joining came as the perfect piece for Saturnalis mosaic. His passion for LifeStyle Design along with his professional experience creating and managing exclusive bespoke tours for a renowned Italian concierge company was just what we were looking for. Fausto is also managing the Instagram page so the potential guests can get a flavor of Saturnalis experience.

Long term friendship between Mr. Marco Petraroia, the Technical Guru, and the Founder dates back to 2009 when they were both working together at Apple European headquarters in Ireland. Marco brings his exceptional technical and operational knowledge to ensure a smooth experience for the visitors.

The crew has come together naturally which confirms that everything happens for a reason in life.