Beauty Editor On 3 essential steps on keeping Your Skin Beautiful and Fresh

Nutrition & lifestyle

Skin is always linked to nutrition and lifestyle so always keep in mind you need to look after yourself.
Several factors like your diet and the stress levels in your life will influence how your skin looks.
There are habits that can keep you looking fresh or ones that can cause premature skin aging and result in unhealthy skin.

Your friends: Veggies (your 5 a day, of course), fruits (packed with vitamins and minerals), green tea (rich in antioxidants), fish (age-fighting omega fatty acids).

Your foes: Smoking and alcohol are the first 2 things you need to eliminate or get rid of from your list. Countless studies have proven the real damage they can cause to skin and how aging they are.

Another huge topic is hydration: Keep yourself hydrated at all times for that glowy and plump look. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to be on the safe side (squeeze some lemon in if you want to make it tastier). Your skin will thank you later, trust me on this!


Skincare regime

Cleansing your face AM and PM – Looking after your skin starts with proper cleansing and removing your make-up: be gentle with your skin, choose products appropriate for your skin type, go for fragrance-free cleansers since fragrance can easily irritate your skin.

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 Moisturising  is of course, vital for your skin! It helps stimulate blood flow and new cell generation, but most of all it is that protective layer of moisture we all need during the day. Moisturising is proven to reduce skin issues, address conditions like acne, dryness, or excessive oiliness. You can buy a moisturizer that includes SPF or buy a separate SPF sunscreen to layer on top of your moisturizer.

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Wearing SPF Sunlight is the number 1 aging factor. Nothing will save your skin more than protecting it from the harmful UV rays. Spending lots of time outdoors can lead to premature skin aging, freckles, brown spots, moles. Wear a high, SPF sunscreen every day, regardless of the season, sun damage is there all the time. Bottom line: make sure your SPF is water-resistant and broad-spectrum (has both UVA and UVB filters). Reapply every two hours to keep it effective and protect your skin from sunburn and skin cancer.

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 Nighttime alert: Pillowcases! That sounds a bit strange to be linked to skin wellbeing, isn’t it? Well, let me just fill you in.
Sleeping with your face in the wrong position every night can lead to wrinkles in the long term. Moreover, it can make your skin break out. Keep in mind you always need to use superclean pillowcases since bacteria can spread quickly on your face during your sleep. Best pillowcases are the smooth and silky ones that can prevent fine lines from developing into wrinkles.

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Keep your make-up brushes clean


This is often an overlooked topic but needs your undivided attention. In order to get the most of your make-up brushes, you need to deep clean them every week, get rid of any product buildup, and most importantly, get rid of bacteria and disinfect them. This is one great way to keep your skin free from any pimples. Get rid of residual makeup by washing your brushes with a mild brush and sponge soap like EMel, it’s both vegan and cruelty-free.

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Article by Viorela Coman

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