Did You Know This About Shoes ?

Shoes account for approximately half of accessories

Spending and have outpaced apparel in sales worldwide, caring more symbolism than any other, they are a piece of clothing we choose to wear.
Shoes help to lift your mood, give you confidence, spice up the most simple of outfits, create the illusion of longer legs, walk you down the aisle, they add personality to your style, and have become your best friends, since your first steps.
They are part of our unforgettable moments and definitely make or break an outfit.
There is no racing uniform, fully equipped, without the right pair of shoes. Trends come and go, as the decade went on, we have clearly noticed the industry, rethinking the footwear to fit women’s new life patterns.
The lives of women changed dramatically over the past decades, it wasn’t a long time ago that women, were considered her father’s or husband’s “possession”, with little freedom of choice.
Unlikely 60 years ago, today’s women-run businesses, work, study and travel, they play important roles in the society, contributing to economic growth and development, women are no longer dealing with domestic affairs only, but they live a more active lifestyle so the footwear industry had to acknowledge and adjust to that new reality.
Through the years, women’s taste has evolved, no matter your style or mood, you can choose from an endless array of shoes, stilettos, loafers, wedges, peep-toes, sandals, ballet flats or boots to name a few.

Today, all shop windows are displaying sneakers, and flatter heels, comfort is a major priority for consumers shopping for shoes, comfort over style, seems to be the way forward, we believe a synthesis of both is viable.
Six decades ago, in the Hollywood glamour era, shoes were used as a status symbol. It was imperative to your shoes to be pretty, embellished, designer, high heeld, and stylish, simple feet decoration. Not anymore! Shoe function has evolved, in today’s new pace word, they need to be not only fashionable but practical. Shoes represent different worlds and need to fit different realities.
Jeans are worn by everyone, men and women, as people dress more casually, sneakers or good quality flats, will blend you in every time.
When it comes to health, a few studies revealed that our shoewear habits could be a major factor, in foot and ankles pain, stiffness, backaches, and arthritis.
During and post lockdown, sneakers are experiencing far greater demand than last year.
We are definitely living in the age of sneakers, they have been at the forefront of the trend, for the past several years, sneakers stomped their way into high-fashion, couture houses and sneakers brands have been having a very passionate love affair, for quite some time now. High brands are growing sales by creating a sneaker department.
Fashion houses like Balmain, Chanel, Dior, Sacai, Balenciaga, Gucci, and Lanvin, have boosted its appeal, with futuristic, hybrid, modern post-space age designs, to the millennials and ever-growing audience of athletes, artists, influencers, models and all sorts of people everywhere. Celebrity endorsements and social media marketing, contribute to the success of designer footwear.
Sneakers are going mainstream to an unprecedented level. Small brands, fashion houses, or giant sportswear names, have their signature pair, with the perfect fit.
For a bold statement, whether you go for sneakers, flats, or heels, make sure you choose quality, a good place to start is, how versatile are they?
Make space in your closet, for these coveted shoes and sneakers, that worth adding to your shoe rack. The best pick is the one, that matches your seek, for uniqueness.

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Chanel cord and lambskin Sandals

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Lanvin Bumper

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Alexander Siradekian

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Louboutin Ac Seavest 2

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Sorelle shoes

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Adidas Yeezy boost 700

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MIH London

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Off white By Virgil Abloh

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Article By Patrycia Afzal