Is Tik Tok The New Social Media Phenomenon ?

There’s a new social media phenomenon

Move over Instagram! there’s a new social media phenomenon that’s taking over our daily lives, and it’s appropriately named TikTok.  Initially popular with many users in Southeast Asia, the app became notorious globally for its creative visual content and effects. A total of 1.5 billion downloads occurred in the past year, attaining the highest rankings in both app stores.
Currently, TikTok has everyone on it, from YouTubers, influencers, and celebrities as a way of staying even more connected with fans and creating challenges to ease boredom.

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From the infamous Dalgona Coffee to Coco Rocha’s #PoseAtHome challenge. TikTok has become an icebreaker in starting conversations with people. why? It’s simply the fact that everyone is looking for ways to entertain themselves because we’re all at home and although you may a routine every day, things can get dull.
In light of this, social media has become our eyes to explore the outside world. On a positive note, people are more connected and while this new app has traction from users globally, it has also become the new influencer platform.
Now the question here is -With TikTok becoming one of the world’s most downloaded apps, could it be possible that it could beat Instagram or Snapchat in becoming the next social media phenomenon for quarantine times?

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One user named Nicole who goes under the username “ncldcsn” has accumulated a total of 14, 660 views on TikTok which grows daily, citing that TikTok is fun to use, more so because of the unique circumstances we are in. “We’re always looking for new things to do and since we’re just at home, I never thought that I would like TikTok but it’s great! It’s like youtube in less than a minute. she also quips ” Instagram is more on lifestyle – like people I see on it, usually makes it like their portfolio but for me, I use it as a photo album, usually for my travels, but you know since I’m just at home — I can’t post anything about that.”
TikTok’s easy interface makes it friendly for all users of any age to use which includes in-app effects such as editing and voice clips and with its multi-platform link to other channels, it makes it easier for people to see the content you’ve created.

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Anyone can post new content and develop organic followings in little time, not like Instagram, which is more focused on creating a lifestyle persona or building a portfolio. TikTok like its predecessor, Vine, strictly focuses on visual content, where the user is free to express themselves and at the same time, gain a following.
Now with several Youtube stars moving over to TikTok, you can expect that there’s a lot of people following tout suite, video creators like James Charles, Charlie D’ Amelio,  Addison Rae, and others are making headlines for their content with tabloids such as The Daily Mail, The Sun, and others covering the life and times of these suddenly bigger than life influencers.
There has been an ongoing debate on whether people get paid from using TikTok.  But with TikTok creators, often as young as teenagers raking in millions of dollars, questions are being raised about how can you get money from TikTok.


Article by Cyan Leigh