British Affair With An International Flair

Ultra Pure 2021

In these difficult times of social and economical uncertainty, Ulla Fudge, a film director, and writer is developing a film project that not only unifies the nations but also gives a perspective on the modern world we live in. 

The film ‘Ultra Pure’ is currently in pre-production with a worldwide release scheduled for next year. It is a story set within a stark tower block, with the film taking an unapologetic look at its residents and workers engaging in a plethora of mundane but ULTRA PURE love; online love, and a more dangerous form of nationalistic love, leading to a twist of events excelling the characters’ own fanatical needs. Fudge explains: ‘Quintessentially it is a film about broken dreams, yet handled with a pinch of salt and irony towards human emotions that are often hidden underneath layers of repression and traits of upbringing’. The film itself, even though it contains complex topics on its shoulders such as racism, homophobia or digitalization of love, it is surprisingly a satirical black comedy juxtaposing seriousness with ridicule.  

The director mixes glamour and fashion with grit, introducing us to the world of drag queens and their well-polished musical acts. We also travel to Paris, looking for the ultimate love experience. 
The cast proves to be as exciting and creative as the story itself, bringing to the mix an international twist with an eclectic flair. 

Alain-Fabien Delon is a well known young actor, model, and celebrity in France. He thankfully resembles his father, the renowned French actor Alain Delon, a heartthrob, still being seen as one of the key figures in French Cinema. Alain-Fabien follows his father’s footsteps in popularity as a model, present on the cover of French Vogue and face of Dior Campaign, but also emerging as an actor. He acted alongside Isabelle Huppert in ‘Golden Youth’ and ‘River Bank’. He also wrote a book “De la race des seigneurs” (“Of the Race of Gentlemen”) that was highly debated due to biographical elements within the story, cunningly resembling the relationship difficulties he underwent with his father, coated with fictional names. Delon admits: “Every novel has a depth that relates to reality,” during his interview with French TMC television channel. In ‘Ultra Pure’ Delon will be revamped to a highly glamorous and stylish drag queen, Venus, balancing the act between masculine and feminine, with breathtaking musical performances. It will be Delon’s first international and English speaking role, certainly one of many to follow. 

Greta Bellamacina will take on the role of Nora, infatuated by an online love, expressing her feelings with words, in an utmost intimate way. Bellamacina is not a stranger to linguistic depictions. She is not only an actress that started her acting career at the tender age of 13 in ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ but is also one of the most promising poets. Her heartfelt poems about womanhood resemble Silvia Plath, digging into truths and pains. In her book, her husband Robert Montgomery, poet, artist, and sculpture, says about her work: ‘Her poetry is a poetry of light’. The pair are very well known in the fashion and art world, with Bellamacina designing poems for the house Valentino’s latest collection, being also visible on their clothes. She also acts and directs, with her feature film ‘Hurt By Paradise’ being nominated for best UK feature film at Raindance Film Festival and Edinburgh International Film Festival. 

The latest addition to the cast is none other than Camilla Rutherford, making an astonishingly effective debut in the UK hit ‘Gosford Park’. Since then Rutherford grew to a household name with countless roles and fashion contracts. She was the face of Max Factor and became recognizable within the fashion world, still modeling for famous brands and fashion labels, often a guest in lifestyle and fashion magazines. She is known for undertaking interesting projects, acting in ‘Darjeeling Limited’ for Wes Anderson as Alice, the wife of Adrien Brody or lately in ‘Phantom Thread’ alongside Daniel Day-Lewis, in a role of a rejected wife, available now on Netflix. Her on-screen presence is unquestionably one of a kind, with a face resembling that of an exquisite painting. In ‘Ultra Pure’ Rutherford takes one of the leads and will turn into Crystal, a harsh businesswoman. She lives with her much younger lover, played by an uprising and promising actor Kelly Osasere, debuting as Hadrick, a young actor, trying to make it, going through the hardships of becoming famous.
Ulla Fudge
, the director, is not a stranger to the cultural mixture, growing up and residing in Poland, Germany, and for many years in the UK. She is the true Londoner, now living in Chelsea. Hence her ease to adapt and understand multiple cultural references and talent to merge them together. Her previous feature film ‘Hard&Soft’ available on Itunes tells a story about an illegal Polish immigrant stopped at the Dover border in 1995 who tries to get back to London, where she works illegally as a model and a barmaid. In another film she wrote and directed ‘Compartment 33’ she placed three men on a train compartment; an Arab, British and a Drag Queen, each having their prejudice against one another yet seeing how this ultimately bonds them together, noticing that all of them are dealing with the same problems. Fudge claims: ‘I am not interested in politics, but observe how human pain and suffering are often caused by external situations. But I am also interested in showing them as something relatable and human, even on the border of grotesque’. It seems that subjects socially driven are close to her heart yet additionally approached with aesthetically pleasing visual components and original storytelling techniques. 

‘Ultra Pure’ is coated in visual pleasures with exciting locations and fashion labels attached to it. Despite some international cast, the film remains very British, wandering through London streets and Brighton landmarks with the use of some real locations, for example, Ku Bar in Soho. The film should commence with the shooting this summer, carefully planned around the guidelines of Covid-19 with frantic questions of how to ship Alain-Fabien Delon from France, likely in need of undergoing a quarantine before shooting. An exciting yet challenging time ahead for the crew and cast of this new emerging film which we hope to see soon on the screen in cinemas and online platforms worldwide.