Beauty Edit Mayfair Luxury Brow Products

“Defining what’s naturally yours”

Sherrille Ryles

In an oversaturated beauty market, celebrity brow expert, Sherrille Riley, founder of Nail and Brows Mayfair launched in 2017 the luxury collection for brows, Beauty Edit Mayfair.

What intrigued us, and many of you were the unique approach of the brand, only 3 shades of brow pencil and 3 shades of a brow lift/highlighter. At the time,  Sherrille said,” I had found that brunette shades often had undertones of orange or red and, as a woman of colour I found that very dark brown colours often look a bit grey or blue. The wrong undertones would show through rather than a pure colour. It made me realise that what was currently on offer was not comprehensive enough.” And I think all of us had the same problem in the past when we tried to find the perfect brow pencil.

Two years in the making, the collection comprises superior pigmented brow pencils and highlighters which are designed to neutralise brassiness and ashy tones.

Today, Beauty Edit Mayfair, have 10 products & 2 chic boxes that fit the collection.
What we love about the collection is that is suitable for all types of skin. The highlighters and brow pencils come in three shades: a blonde, a brunette and a dark chocolate brown which is suitable for Middle Eastern clients and women of colour.

It also comprises, a clear brow setter ( which I am in love with), who will set your brows very naturally and also contains vitamins B5 and E as well as castor oil to strengthen and condition hair brows and a compact, specially designed, multi-purpose sharpener for the Brow & Highlighter pencils.
The brushes, Brow Styler and Highlighter Brush are designed specially to fit in a makeup bag.
The last piece of the collection is the limited edition Make-up bag who cames in a convenient handbag size.

Within months of launching, Beauty Edit Mayfair has won two accolades!

And to be everything perfect, Beauty Edit Mayfair is committed to cruelty-free product formulation, testing and development.

We can bet that your next secret addiction will be definitely Beauty Edit Mayfair!

More information about the products you can find on their website and Instagram page.


Article by British Thoughts