Zara Alexandrova The Fashion Forecaster

“Every Woman”  is whoever she decides to be in the morning

Zara Alexandrova an eastern European native is a fashion forecaster and entrepreneur, she firmly believes that fashion  & beauty can transform a person into a personality and with that in mind she is dressing her clients around the globe, giving them not only a new wardrobe but confidence, determination and inspires them to lead a better and fuller life.
Her uncompromising style has made her  one of the most vivid personalities in Los Angeles, she knows how to make an entrance and leave an impression.
Zara’s ability to embody any style and design she wears and make it her own is where the idea of “I am every woman” comes from. Her “chameleon- like” style, and her impeccable visuality is what makes her stand out in the crowd and inspire those around her.

Photographer | Tijana Vukovic
Styling | Tata PR Agency

Zara grew up with four sisters and fashion was always a big part of her life. Zara is “Every Woman” she is whoever she decides to be in the morning, she has no restrains when it comes to fashion and her impeccable taste and sharp eye for beauty and detail landed her in several “best dressed lists”.
With her exquisite taste and approachable and warm personality Zara inspires not only her clients, her two children, family and friends but anyone who crosses her path (in real life or online).
Zara’s sees her home town of LA as an important contributor to global fashion industry, with her European sophistication she aims to break every rule in Hollywood and take the local scene to a new “fashion forward” level whilst also playing on the international level with her forthcoming projects.
Later this year Zara will launch her first beauty collection Cameleon by Alexandrova and also a capsule fashion collection. The budding beauty and fashion mogul is bringing her over a decade of passion and practice to the world in the style she has fast become known for.


Growing up in a female-centric household, could you tell us any early memories of you showing interest in style and aesthetics?
Growing up as a young girl from a family of five girls I remember vividly sharing clothes and passing looks down to each other. I would always put my own unique ‘Zara’ spin on things whether it be minor alterations, adding accessories and the like as well as playing with the external vibe from hair (braids and the such) to makeup and more. It was always in the smallest details that I would create something that would standout even as a child.

My mother played an integral part in the development of my love and understanding of fashion and beauty a definite inspiration and I vividly remember going through her closet – fascinated by the fabrics, texture, and colors of the garments. My Visual Memory was so strong – at 6/7 I knew my level of taste and ‘eye’ for fashion was a skill that I would use for years to come – a pre- vision of the life I knew I was meant to live.
One very fond first memory of the emotion I felt behind fashion was seeing the JC Penny catalogue and spending hours observing the models, looks and vibes. As a young girl in Russia this always amazes me how an American mega chain brand’ catalogue found its way all the way to Russia and to this date have no idea but it was my first sign of the career I would carve out.

Fashion has grown through the centuries and has made such an impact on how we portray ourselves. If you were to describe an era that best describes your style what influenced you the most, which would it be?
I believe the era that ushered in and gave us Frank Sinatra, Sophia Lauren & the like sums up my style even to this date between the 40’s to 60’s. This period I believe is stamped and remains ‘timeless’ and will live on and re-inspires fashion to this date. What once was old is new and we always look to the past as women were strong, lines clean and images of strength and beauty. That woman is the woman I always wanted to be and have become.

When it comes to style icons everyone always has a favorite, usually, it ranges from Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe… Etc. If you were given the chance to meet any of your chosen fashion heroes who would they be and why?
I would want to have met Frank Sinatra & James Brown – icons that are timeless and define their time like no other. In the theme of the question I believe I would choose to be a bond girl in my past life – constantly evolving, more sensual as each film progressed, beauty, brains and Braun.
I have had the pleasure of meeting some of my style icons including Karl Lagerfeld, Monica Bellucci, Sharon Stone, Cher Greta Garbo ….
In life though I believe we should be our own Icon – create the life you want live and love yourself – it will strengthen you as an individual and make you an asset to those around you.

You have expanded your range to clothing and beauty concepts. What was the idea behind doing so?
I know I have so much to give and there is no limit on my vision. I really wanted through clothing and beauty to share this vision and do it in a way that will leave the consumer better then way they started.
With over a decade in the business and having trained across all facets including sales, styling I have made the mistakes, had my highs and lows and built a premiere network of relationships that put me in a unique position to work directly with the best of the best in the world. Whether it is with my capsule clothing line I have coming up or w Cameleon by Alexandrova my beauty brand I have access to the world’s best and want to share with the ladies of the world.
I finally felt like I had the depth of knowledge and understanding to speak to women globally and that given my background that they know what I am sharing is game-changing.

Now with everything going on at the moment, fashion brands now have to adapt through this rapid current of change. With your brand coming out, how are you adapting to the new normal?
It may sound very unusual but I think we should take this time all at a blessing; it’s given us time to stay home and be alone and really go inside and understand what it is we really like and more importantly want. Fashion was so fast (and yes there is a place for this but it had become so diluted) and now as we re-enter into this changed world the fashion world must also re-evaluate it’s purpose and each brand must look at their unique POV and really work hard to innovate and not just follow a trend but get back to pioneering them.
Personally, it has given more time to enter into research and development and fine tune the business plan and model for my upcoming beauty line launch Cameleon by Alexandrova – Watch This Space.

With some fashion brands making PPES ( Personal Protective Equipment) and masks like Lisa Von Tang, Polo Ralph Lauren, Champion, Michael Cinco and others do you think this will have a huge impact on how we perceive fashion in the near future?
In terms of high fashion, the concept of a mask has always been there; Designer Romeo Hunte even used them in his most recent show in February for NYFW. But think about masks throughout the years; Masquerade balls and the like – and even though the need for them in this time is for health and protection I have seen allot of creative liberty in terms of the look of them. I have always loved the concept as it puts the full attention on the garment itself when you can only see someone’s eyes. Will they ultimately impact fashion in the long term – I think what was old is now new in a way and for now it’s part of the new norm so why not have a little fun w the vibe.

And lastly, if you were to give advice to the budding style mavens out there, what would it be?
When your creating something do it for yourself; whether it is a fashion look, a beauty look or just living your everyday life – do you and do it proudly. You can live your life trying to please others or live it authentically for yourself and carve your own lane on the journey. When you live in your truth you will attract the right people to walk beside you.

Article by Cyan Leigh