FOAM beachwear: Italian Sensuality

First of all me

FOAM BEACHWEAR is a luxury beachwear brand that was born in 2018 in Tuscany, Italy, from the shared-vision of two twin-sisters, Martina & Roberta Ferrari.
The two self-made entrepreneurs come from very different but complementary life experiences.
Martina with a strong fashion couture background is the creative mind that highly focuses on the remarkable quality and the innovative style and design of the product. Roberta, instead, with her background in international business is the well-travelled polyglot that focuses on the quality of the service the business provides and the ability of the brand to reach all women worldwide. Hence why the company primarily operates online.

 The brand name FOAM comes from the acronym “First of all Me”. FOAM BEACHWEAR fully supports self-love and invites all women across the globe to feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. It invites and inspires women to feel free, to be themselves and most importantly to love themselves to the fullest before anything and anybody else.
In a hymn to freedom, confidence, comfort, happiness and female pride and beauty FOAM
BEACHWEAR has created sensual pieces which are rich in details and represent something new and fresh on the market.
FOAM BEACHWEAR proudly transports the beauty and sensuality of intimate-wear into
beachwear. In the same way that a woman carefully chooses her underwear to feel comfortable but also beautiful and charming, the brand thinks that the same principle is to be applied in the context of beachwear.

 How did you decide to create the FOAM BEACHWEAR brand and collections?
We have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and we knew we wanted to do something of our own. FOAM BEACHWEAR represented not only the realisation of a dream for us but also the possibility of spreading a positive message of self-love through our bikinis that draw inspiration from the world of intimate-wear. The three collections — Daisies, Hearts & Roses — are all symbols of femininity.

How did you know when to start?
If you wait for the “right time” that will never come. There never is a perfect time as such and if you procrastinate you will never start. Let’s just say that we took a pragmatic approach. We started once we felt as ready as we could possibly be.
We always took into account that we will most certainly make mistakes along the way. At the same time, we started this entrepreneurial journey with the awareness that we will always treasure from our experience by using it as a chance to improve us constantly.

What has been the obstacle until you launched the brand?
There has been a lot of obstacles! Pretty much everything that you are not familiar
with and you are venturing into represents an obstacle. But what for some may seem an
insurmountable obstacle for us represented an incredible opportunity? What is the vision of the brand?
Our vision is “creating innovative, qualitative and comfortable swimwear that inspire people all over the world to love themselves first”. From here the acronym FOAM = First of all Me.

What has been most surprising when launching the brand?
Listening to friends and acquaintances appreciating our style, designs and quality of the
fabrics was already an achievement for us. On top of that, discovering that many more people our there in the world liked our creations and shared our fashion sense was highly rewarding.
Many of our #foambabes — the fantastic ladies that joined our community — have shown us amazing support for what we do, both in terms of the products/service we offer as well as the highly positive message of self-love that we share with them and with the world.

Does FOAM BEACHWEAR target any particular woman’s body?
The brand wants all women to embrace and love their bodies to the fullest, therefore the
answer is no. To love yourself means to embrace yourself for who you are and that includes your body shape. For us, in order to have a “bikini body,” all it takes is a bikini that makes you feel comfortable, beautiful and feminine and your own body.

What was your feeling when you saw for the first time someone wearing your bikinis?
The feeling we had has been of amazement, mixed with joy and a lot of satisfaction after so much commitment and hard work to make this dream of ours become a reality.
When well-known global influencers and celebrities discovered us and wore our pieces our legs shook. It took our breaths away from the outset and still does melt our hearts to this day.
The more #foambabes to join the community, the more we are able to spread a positive
message of self-love and the more chance we have to grow bigger and bring newer collections and designs signed FOAM BEACHWEAR. What an amazing opportunity!

Being twin-sisters doesn’t mean you like the same things (I know Roberta doesn’t like to buy purses but Martina is in love with them), so how do you get to a single decision
regarding the brand?
Yes indeed. Being twin-sisters does not mean we like the same things at all. In all honesty
taking a personal decision is far different from taking a business decision. On the premise that we both want the best for our brand, every decision is taken unanimously.
We often require long meetings, and it is certainly not always that easy. Indeed sometimes it has been really challenging but our motivation and ambition are very strong and the results obtained so far with the mix of both sisters’ personalities, are excellent motivators that will empower us to face future challenges.

Which of you is the creative and which is the tough woman?
For the most part, Roberta is in charge of the business’ processes and Martina directs the
creative side. However, this question makes us smile as there is a “tough” side and a creative side in both of us really. What makes FOAM BEACHWEAR stand out is certainly our ability to capitalise on our skills as co-founders, as well as to make use of our “differences” by converting them into a strong point and into a distinctive corporate feature in all aspects of the business.
We feel undoubtedly comfortable saying that in FOAM BEACHWEAR lies the essence, the
character, the strength and the fashion sense of both sisters.

From where do you take the inspiration for the collections?
FOAM BEACHWEAR takes inspiration from the belief in self-love, from reminding women
that they are beautiful and should always feel their beauty with garments that embrace their shapes, show off their femininity and make them feel free and happy to be themselves.
Have you noticed how women put so much care and effort into choosing the right intimate-wear that makes them feel beautiful, even sexy and daring at times? For some reason, it is not quite the same when women go about shopping for beachwear.
We thought women should choose their beautiful bikinis with the same care and effort they choose their undergarments and with the exact same goal of emphasising their bodies by showing off the curves and decorating it with delicate embroidery and transparencies. The inspiration and uniqueness of FOAM BEACHWEAR are precisely that of transporting the sensuality of intimate-wear onto the beach, with garments that are real “show-stoppers” and that invite all women to feel free, comfortable and beautiful in their own skin.

How has this ( the brand ) changed you two?
The brand taught us a lot. We learned patience, perseverance, the ability to seek and find
solutions, finding the will and the courage to pursue our own dream. The list really goes on.. but on a more personal level, we are still the same. The same sisters that started loving the sea,the sand and the beach life since they were just 3 years old.

What would you say to someone who wants to create their own brand?
DO NOT give up! Try! Life is too short to only dream of loving ourselves in every way, shape or form. Loving ourselves, to us has meant giving birth to FOAM BEACHWEAR. In solely 2 years we have made dramatic breakthroughs and we can’t deny being highly proud of it.
What to expect? Challenges, which we will overcome. Lessons, which we will learn.
Successes, which we will obtain. Good luck!


Article by British Thoughts