Spiritual Guru Cristina Dam’s Tips To Calm The World

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we find ourselves at an extraordinary time in history, facing disruption, upheaval, uncertainty and loss, as well as the rare opportunity to effectively reimagine, and eventually rebuild, both our world and personal lives. Spiritual guru, Cristina Dam is here to help with this daunting, yet prodigious, responsibility.

The accomplished hypnotherapist, expert on holistic therapies and entrepreneur, Dam is the founder and owner of Liberate, a virtual hub for spirituality, creativity, and where the most effective transformation tools and services are available to the seeker and wanderer alike. Liberate Emporium, one of the premier holistic centres in Los Angeles, frequented by Adam Sandler, Halle Berry, Moby, and Diplo, is part of the Liberate brick and mortar portfolio.

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Not only are remote sessions, virtual coaching, and live stream meditations accessible through Liberate, but amazing free educational content and guided services are available on their podcast and YouTube page.

“Everything is energy, and we can tap into that energy anywhere in the world, regardless of the environment,” Cristina says, explaining that remote sessions can be as effective as in-person appointments, and sometimes more so because the person has the benefit of being in a familiar environment. These sessions can be further enhanced by the use of earbuds or headphones.

Cristina sat with British Thoughts recently to share her journey and thoughts on this time.


How did you know you would become a spiritual leader? Did you grow up feeling like you had this calling?

I always felt a calling inside even as a kid to help heal, change and transform others and world. Now I am not sure I would go as far as saying spiritual leader as I am very much on the path of constant growth and learning myself but I have gained much wisdom through deep study and experiences that I love sharing with others. When you can’t help but to do something and see the results it has on others you know it is a calling and that is what assisting others and the greater world is for me.

What made you feel like you could make a career out of hypnosis and spirituality?

I never thought of making a career out of it or view it as a career, I simply love assisting others and changing lives. I guess they say when you love what you do you never work a day in your life.

With the onset of Covid-19 and the world-changing, what do you think is the most important thing to focus on?

In this time of change and uncertainty, the most important thing for people to focus on are the things in their control and not get carried away by everything going on beyond their control. We have to remind ourselves that we have power over our lives and in times of great change we have the power of choice.

What is the first thing people should say to themselves first thing in the morning?

The morning is the most important time of the day because it sets the stage for how to interact and feel for the rest of the day. In physics, a body in motion stays in motion and I like to say a mindset in motion stays in motion. Find a few things you are grateful for and remind yourself of the things that are working in your life and find a few things you are looking forward to experiencing in the day ahead. It is really the little things that matter most and make us happy. Having a few things each day that give our days meaning is important.

What is the future for the business of spirituality? What kind of messaging is important and what are your plans within the realm?

I believe the business of spirituality will continue to grow as more and more people are seeking to find greater meaning in their life and many more are searching for solutions to problems that have not been solved using conventional methods. I feel the messaging that is important is that this is not something religious or “woo-woo” but rather a deeper connection with oneself and one’s inner truth. With Liberate, we plan to broaden our reach by providing free, amazing educational content on Liberate’s YouTube channel on Liberate The Podcast, as well as grow our online classes, counselling & healing services to connect with people around the globe.

Do you take zoom appointments? What would you say your most demand service is and why?

We do take zoom appointments and at Liberate we have many amazing practitioners that are committed to helping people rediscover themselves and create the life they’ve always dreamed of living. Personally, my most in-demand service is hypnotherapy because I can not only help people gain clarity, but I can also reprogram their minds to create rapid change. At Liberate there are three main in-demand services: they are guidance, healing and hypnotherapy

Article by Justin St. Clair