10 Fall  Beauty Essentials

 Read about the best beauty buys of the season and why you’ll fall in love with each and every one of them

I am writing this with everyone in mind, knowing for a fact how overwhelming it feels sometimes to choose from the bounty of beauty products out there. This is why I am ready to guide you through a list of essentials that I absolutely fell in in love with and that I know I’ll keep on using even long after the fall is gone.

The upside is that along with the excitement a new beauty purchase brings along, these options can be a wise investment in your personal care and appearance. So yes, you are safe to continue reading every single word about these high achieving products.

They will support you in defining your beautiful features and will be the perfect tools for you to create whatever look goes with your current state of mind. I listed both skincare, make-up and fragrance so that your browsing would be as entertaining as possible 

All the products mentioned below are meant for all skin types and have been safely used on my models and/or myself. Sit back and relax, I did all the research for you so I can strongly recommend them:

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Light 50 ml

This much-talked-about staple by @CharlotteTilburyMBA is my skincare treasure in a bottle. To be used under or over make-up whenever you want to get your skin in perfect shape, all plump and glowy. Do your neckline and décolleté a favour and slather it on, you will get the softest, smoothest and most radiant skin ever. This is a very good moisturiser, fights pollution, blue light radiation and dehydration and has SPF 20. Oh, did I mention it contains peptides, Vit E and white horehound extract?

Price: £ 75.00
You can buy it here.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Under(Cover) Blurring Coconut Face Primer 

This feels like a very smooth primer who successfully extends the longevity of your make-up while keeping your skin hydrated thanks to the coconut, its star ingredient.

The universal shade is flattering on every skin tone without leaving any traces while blurring any imperfections and fine lines you might have.

Use it by itself to have your pores all blurred out or under your foundation to keep your make-up flawless all day long. The face primer is meant for normal to oily skin and the texture is pure bliss. Have you tried it yet?

I personally love the airbrushed skin I get every single time, pores be gone!

Price: £ 31.00
You can buy it here.

Mango Thai Lime by Jo Loves

I love a fresh and fruity scent and this is why I keep a special place in my perfume collection for Mango Thai Lime by Jo Loves, a mesmerizing combo that smells both exotic and thrilling. Mouth-watering mango and fresh lime and vetiver make me reach out for it whenever I need a boost of self-confidence.

Price: £ 70.00, 50 ml
You can buy it here.

Delilah Take Cover Radiant Cream Concealer

Since I prefer my make-up to be as light as possible, I will always be on the lookout for the perfect lightweight yet heavy coverage concealer.

I have to say, I do trust my Delilah Take Cover Cream because it is super hydrating and has buildable coverage. It contains light-reflecting pigments to counteract dark circles and enhance the overall skin radiance and I cannot rave about it enough.

Price: £ 22.00
You can buy it here.

Delilah Concealer Blending Brush

Pat the concealer with your ring finger or if you are going for that seamless blend, use the amazing and dedicated concealer blending brush by Delilah to get the pro results.

The brush is amazing at helping you buff and blends the concealer into your skin. Feel free to go over any blemishes, pigmentation, redness all around your face since the finish of the concealer is satiny and not shiny. You can set the concealer with a tiny bit of powder to make sure it stays in place all day long.

Price: £22.00
You can buy it here.

PhotodermMAX Aquafluide SPF 50+ BY Bioderma

Since I am obsessed with my skin remaining nice, spotless and as youthful as possible, I will not compromise on SPF. So for me, it’s all-day SPF 50 every day, baby! Ideally, we should reapply SPF every 2 hours but I’m sloppy and do it every 3 or so  Did you know photoaging aka exposure to the sun is the no. 1 reason for ageing?  Time will only tell how good you took care of your skin, if you protect it now, you will see the results of your continuous efforts later on in life.

One of my fave all-inclusive SPF creams is the Bioderma PhotodermMAX Aquafluide since it’s a wide spectrum, water-resistant, fragrance-free, light texture: all in all, a hero product for me.

Price: £ 13.50
You can buy it here.

Collagen Boost Lip Lacquer by Rodial

I am a big fan of plump and appealing lips so Rodial is a trusted brand I turn to. This tinted lip gloss is everything you need whenever you are on the go and want to make-up your lips but lack the time. A simple swipe will hydrate your lips, get them in plump and gorgeous. If you are not sure which shade you need to go for: Champagne Showers is flattering on EVERYONE.

Price: £28.00
You can buy it here.

Benefit 24 Hour Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel

It is amazing for setting eyebrows into shape and keeping them put all day (and night!) long. One of my fave products ever for eyebrows. Use it on its own or add it as a finishing touch after adding some colour into your brows, either way, it is brilliant. It comes in travel size too, isn’t that convenient?

Price: £ 22.50
You can buy it here.

ZOEVA Premiere Eyeshadow Palette

The must-have autumnal colours to use on your eye make-up. What I really love is how intense the pigments are and most of all, they are a joy to blend. This Zoeva palette boasts 10 matte and metallic shades, 10 eyeshadows in rich warm colours to make sure you steal the spotlight. Thank me later (wink).

Price: £ 21.00
You can buy it here.


Article by Viorela Coman