Royse Living in her Truth

Royse is a powerful soul songstress bringing her country roots and versatile vocal chops to the global stage with her upcoming single “Ride the Bull”. She moved to Los Angeles from Texas at the age of eighteen with the decision to pursue music as a full-time career.

At the LS recording Studio, she honoured her skills as a musician by leaning under the brightest writers in the industry.

As one of the bright young things in the industry today, Royse has been continuously developing her music stylings. In “Ride The Bull”, we see her fusing country, pop, and urban in one boppity tune that is guaranteed to make anyone feel confident and uplift after tuning in.

Photography by Kelcee Ann


When did you decide that you wanted to pursue a career as a musician?

I’ve always loved music and performing since I was a little girl. I do remember the moment I wanted to pursue music as a career and that was when I was entered into a writing contest when I was in High School, and I was like ohhh yeah I want to do this for the rest of my life, and I haven’t looked back since.

What were the main hurdles that you faced first when you were starting out?

I think one main hurdle was discovering my voice and my sound. I found it hard to stand up for what I thought my music should sound like especially when I worked with successful producers. They would try to put down my voice and say, “how many hits have you had?” or “your young, you’ll learn” or “oh so we have an ego now.” And I let that keep me silent on what I wanted my music to sound like for so long, but now I don’t care this is my song. Ultimately, I am the one singing these lyrics I want them to be something I love. And I realized the more I leaned into who I am and discovering myself as a person the better and more authentic my music got.

Do you remember the first song you ever composed?

Omg yes! So I was like 5 and it was me and my cousin and it was about sitting in the city and petting a dog! I’ve always loved coming up with songs

How would you define your overall musical style?

Well, it is definitely different. I have been exploring this country, pop, and urban sound combined all into one and it has been so fun! I don’t want to play by the rules of a genre.

If you were to name your top three musical icons who would they be and why?

Only 3 there are so many! Okay, I love queen! Freddie Mercury is hands down one of the most talented artists to ever walk this planet. His vocal range… I mean forget about it…it’s insane! Bohemian Rhapsody is one of my fave songs of all time! They broke every musical rule and it’s a masterpiece. I also loved Lana Del Rey growing up. She inspired me to write from whatever place I want to and to truly just say what I’m feeling! Then I’d have to say, Elton John! I mean I think this one speaks for itself. He is an icon in every way. I went and saw him in concert for my birthday not too long ago and when I say my life was changed for the better… it was changed for the better!

When it comes to country music, there are purists on one end, and on the other side, there are those like yourself who are fusing different genres together. For you personally, how would you define country music?

This is not a technical definition by any means but country music feels at its purest to me when you can listen to it on the lake while drinking a beer and your either fishing or riding in a boat!

Now, let’s talk about your new fabulous single, “Ride the Bull”. What was the concept behind it?  and what makes it relatable to anyone.

I wanted to write a song that everyone can have fun with! It doesn’t matter if you’re from Texas, New York, Colorado or Britain!!  I wanted a song that would make any person feel sexy and confident!

Do you have any plans for releasing a full-length album anytime soon?

OHHHH. Yes! I have sooo many songs I have written and a few surprises so an album will be coming in the near future and I’m absolutely dying to share it with the world!

If you were given the chance to collaborate with anyone who would it be?

Hmmm I would have to say Ty $.. 21 Savage… or Post Malone!

You’ve talked about your struggles with depression, anxiety, and body image dysmorphia. During these uncertain times, how do you keep your creative juices and positivity flowing?

I think during these times it been hard. I think recognizing that it’s hard and why is important. I’m very lucky… I have an amazing support system around me that lifts me up on my bad days. Always remember even on the darkest days you can get thru it.. you are loved… and not alone.

What do you think about the “new normal” and the impact it could have on budding talent who are hoping to break into the music industry?

I think it’s a good and bad thing. I think social media really gives the artist the power back, but I also know that artists want to perform and tour and that’s hard to do right now!


Article by Cyan Leigh