8 Alternatives To Coffee That You Need To Try ASAP

Coffee, a cup of joe, Kape – no matter the difference in language, this fact is as clear as day. The world had been engrossed with this essential drink since its discovery and cultivation in the 15th century. There is no denying that a cup of this aromatic beverage wakes one’s soul up in the AM, giving you the power to take charge of the day ahead.

However, while there are health benefits that the individual gains from the consumption of coffee, let’s note that there are also some unseemly side-effects of having too much caffeine.

This dependency tends to cause chemical imbalances to our body’s mental and physical prowess.

Studies show that too much coffee can cause anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, urgency, addiction, etc.  ( source – 9 Side Effects of Too Much Caffeine )

Because of this, most people have opted to look for alternatives that can satisfy their need for an energy boost without the caffeine kick. For the past few years, alternative drinks have been making their time on the food trend spotlight. Herbal teas and others, such as Yerba Mate, have been featured on various health and medicinal platforms for its benefits.

While others might say, nothing could amp up one’s morning other than a cup of joe. There is no harm in trying out these fun cuppas that could brighten up your morning.

Golden Milk Lattes

This food trend has been making waves recently due to the recent make your coffeehouse drinks at home. Much like its predecessor, Dalgona Coffee, Golden Milk lattes aren’t new to the food scene.  This particular drink has its roots in India and has a significant role in Ayurveda, the world’s oldest healing science. This drink is a delicious medley of turmeric, coconut milk, cinnamon, ginger, and a tiny pinch of black pepper.

Image source: Dan Churchill 

Turmeric and ginger are powerful anti-inflammatory agents known to boost the immune system, which is why this drink is a definite must-try.

Check out Minimalist Baker’s easy recipe for golden milk here.

Apple Cider Vinegar Morning Elixir

Apple cider vinegar has always been a household staple that is renowned for many health benefits. There is nothing that this centuries-old concoction can’t do. From balancing your pH level to upping your metabolism – ACV can be used for everything. Although taking it on its own can be quite a shocker for the taste buds, there are ways to be consumed to turn it into a regular drink that provides an immediate energy boost before the workday starts.

Image source: Solenn

Check out Actress/ Fashion Designer – Solenn Heussaff’s quick and easy recipe for an ACV Morning Elixir here.

Matcha Latte

Matcha has been around for centuries. It has been a staple of the imperial dynasty of China since 618 AD. Tea ceremonies conducted by Buddhist and Zen monks always featured this one-of-a-kind creation. It was highly appreciated by the high society mavens of the Imperial court.

Nowadays, Matcha has gained international fame and has been featured in almost every dish you could think of, whether it’s sweet or savoury. On its own, Matcha is a healthy and robust alternative to other tea varieties such as English Breakfast Tea.

Image source: Clean neating kitchen

Studies show that while drinking matcha stimulates “awakeness,” the main matcha component is theanine, which has a stress-reducing effect combined with other acids such as succinic, gallic, and theogallin which gives it a distinct umami flavour.

Check out love and lemons’ recipe for making the most out of matcha tea powder here.


Kombucha is another ancient tea variation that has been making waves on the healthy food trend. It’s noted for its powerful anti-oxidative properties and probiotic powers made through fermentation.

Kombucha’s distinct SCOBY featured through the combination of specific bacterial strains, yeast, and sugar to black tea. Usually, it only takes a week to make Kombucha tea correctly. The results are pretty good due to its versatility. You can add distinct flavour profiles to Kombucha such as passionfruit, mango, hibiscus, and whatever fits your mood.

Image source: Pinterest

Check out Emma Christensen’s take on brewing Kombucha at home here.

Yerba Mate

This South-American staple has been historically consumed by the Tupi- Guarani indigenous people for centuries before its widely known use in energy drinks. For the Paraguayans who first consumed this- the herb keeps them alive.

Traditionally, the consumption of Yerba Mate is a communal ritual that involves friends and family members where they all share from the same container, usually a hollow gourd and a metal straw, and it’s usually passed around in clockwise order by the brewer and the recipients.

Image source:  Healthline

Research shows that Yerba Mate has many health benefits ranging from an acting appetite suppressant, which is key to weight loss. It also increases mental energy and focuses while also promoting better sleep patterns.

You can find here the tasty Cold Brew Yerba Mate recipe.

Home-made Cacao

Cacao beans have been in our lives for even longer than our own time on Mother Earth. Since the Spaniards ventured out to the new world in their quest for God, Gold, and Glory — Cacao beans were one of the many treasures that the Spanish bought back to the court of the King and Queen of Spain. Since then, the world is hooked.

Now Cacao can be found in our favourite candy bars and desserts, mostly mixed with copious amounts of sugar and milk creating chocolate. But the real distinct flavour profile of cacao is bitter and fruity, which appeals more to the adult palate than the young ones.

Image source: fromscratchfast

Amazingly enough, Cacao has proven health benefits that can make you switch over from your usual cuppa in the morning. It has more calcium than cow’s milk, packed with iron, magnesium, antioxidants. Notably, it can help with other health issues such as depression, stress, blood, pressure, and heart health. ( but like all things, take it in moderation)

Check out this healthy version of hot cacao by scratchfast here.

Dandy Blend

This infusion of dandelion root, chicory, barley, and rye has been making waves. Aesthetically, it looks like instant coffee, and it’s easy to concoct a brew of it anytime. Dandy is a unique coffee alternative, only because, unlike other substitutes, it mimics the full-bodied notes of a real cup of coffee.

Image source:  Dandy Blend

This herbal blend is a healthy alternative that eliminates the side-effects of coffee. We’re talking about its known acidity that causes heartburn and stomach issues. It also acts as a diuretic, which is a known dehydrator.  Dandy blend regulates digestion and reduces inflammation in the body upon continuous consumption.

You can find Dandy Blend here.

Adaptogenic Tea

Made out of a unique group of plants ( Ashwagandha, Chaga, and Lion’smane)  known to help normalize the body’s functions, these herbaceous goodies adapt to the human body’s needs. Think of it as bespoke nutrition. It is known to improve the adrenal system and regulate oxidative stress, increasing energy, and elevating your mood.

Image source:  gtslivingfood 

Click here to try out Adaptogenic tea.


Article by Cyan Leigh