How to stay radiant, glowing and bright this Winter!

As the colder weather and dark nights are creeping in on us, the autumn leaves have fallen and the trees are starting to wilt – we don’t want our skin to wilt too!

It’s so important to keep our skin nourished and to glow this winter- we all need something to glow this lockdown so let’s make it our beautiful faces!

Makeup by Belle Campbell,Photo by Agness Trawczynska 

Rejuvenate your skin

Absolute Collagen

Give your self a drinkable glow potion this winter? Maxine Lacey’s Marine Liquid Absolute Collagen sachets are the perfect boost this winter – infused with Collagen and Vitamin C, rejuvenate your skin, hair, nails and joints with this naturally nutritious formula to help you look and feel your best inside and out! Pop the sachet inside your coffee, tea, yoghurt and enjoy!

Price: £32.99 and monthly subscriptions for £26.99 also available
You can buy it here.

Flawless Touch Flawless Dermaplane Glo

De-fuzz the peach fuzz and deeply exfoliate your skin! Dead skin builds upon our face and can start to give that dull-looking complexion. This nifty beauty tool is easy and safe to use and gives your skin a deep exfoliation producing instant results of smoother more radiant-looking skin. I find after using this my makeup goes on so smoothly and sits so well! It comes with six replacement heads too!

Price: £19.99
You can buy it here.

 Rehydrate your skin

 Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir

 Drench your skin with a few drops a day of this beautiful crystal serum by Charlotte Tilbury. Introduce this serum to your morning and night-time routine and unlock the key to youthful radiant skin! This serum has lasted me so long, as only a couple of drops are needed to pat and soak into your face morning and night – and with her special ingredient of Polyglutamic acid (which is four times more hydrating than Hyaluronic acid! your skin can be supercharged by moisture and glow all winter.

Price: £60.00 for 30ml
You can buy it here.

 So Jelly Cactus Eye Cream Jelly

 Puffy eye bags can be tricky to fix and to hide, so why not try Freck Beauty’s nourishing Jelly Eye Cream which is enriched with plant collagen from cactus! It targets dark circles, lack of moisture and puffiness. The plant-based extract will refresh and awaken the eye area, it contains multiple vitamins, it’s ultra-hydrating. and is a great wake-me-up for tired eyes!

For an extra tip, I suggest popping your eye cream in the fridge before using – the cold temperature will automatically begin to bring any puffiness down around the eye area, you could also use a cold crystal face roller too to drain any fluid retention.

Price: £23.50
You can buy it here.

 Buttermask for Lips by Kiehls

 My lips seem to always get more sensitive in the colder months, combined with wearing a mask they are prone to dehydration right now! The perfect time to apply lip hydration (without licking it off or leaving half of it on your mug of tea) is before bed!

At night, our skin switches from protecting mode to repair mode! It’s time for our skin to repair from the day’s stresses… try using a lip mask overnight and I can guarantee you will notice the difference!

The Buttermask from Kiehls in an intensive hydrating mask that will help freshen dry lips overnight. It contains coconut oil and mango butter which is known to nourish and hydrate.

Price: £22.00
You can buy it here.

 Ready, Glam, Glow!

 Brushworks Rose Quartz & Gua Sha

 I am a huge crystal lover and to use one on my face is even more satisfying! Divulge into self-love with this Rose Quartz face roller and Gua Sha, created using the crystal of “Eternal Love” which infuses self-confidence, self-love, self-trust and self-care. Share the love with your skin as you drain any fluid retention, release stress and anxiety, improve your skin’s elasticity and reduce wrinkles. Again, pop your roller/Gua Sha in the fridge or freezer before use, the cold immediately helps with inflammation and it feels so dreamy and refreshing! I tend to use mine first thing in the morning after I have applied my day’s serum/cream and eye cream or at night before bed!

Price £14.99
You can buy it here.

 Natural Touch Flick and Stick Lash Kit

 We may not have the pubs, clubs and restaurants open right now but we sure can still find an excuse to give our lashes that extra boost and definition to feel a little glam, even if it is for those zoom drinks! But most of all for you, for you to feel good and feel a little winter glam!

These beautiful vegan and cruelty-free lashes are the perfect enhancement to your own lashes, they are discreet but give you a natural lift, definition and flutter! What I really love about this brand (apart from the crystal named lashes!) is their Flick and Stick – it’s eyeliner and lash glue in one pen! There’s no actual glue so no clumps and it’s kinder to the eye than glue. This set is perfect to use in my kit for that natural but not over the top lash lift.

Price £39
You can buy it here.  

 Hollywood Flawless Filter

 One of my go-to products in my kit! I always begin glow-based makeup with this gorgeous product! Created to be the illusion of an “Instagram filter in a bottle”, this beauty blur complexion booster literally smooths out your skin without having to always use a foundation and creates a beautiful dewy flawless finish to the skin. It’s almost a primer, highlighter and light-wear foundation in one and is pure radiance in a bottle! I love to mix this with foundation or use on its own as my no-makeup-look go-to. It comes in 8 different shades so is suitable for all tones.

Price £34
You can buy it here.

 MILK Creme Bronzer

 When creating a radiant and dewy look creme products are my go-to. They sit nicely on the skin giving a lovely natural look yet they don’t look powdery and are super easy to move around and blend in, keeping a moisture-glow look and helping achieve that fresh-faced natural glow. It’s important to give ourselves a little healthy bronzer boost! You can also use this to contour and shadow the face by bronzing the hollow of your cheekbones, across the hairline, jawline, collarbone and nose too. Or just wash over the face and body for an all-over glow. The Milk Creme Bronzer is a smooth and velvety formula making it even easier to apply.

Price: £24
You can buy it here.

 Natural Collection Lip Gloss

 My ultimate drug store go to! I cannot recommend and rave about such a simple affordable gloss enough! Literally my ultimate go-to when I want a natural nude but peachy and glossy lip! I find this high-shine, non-sticky gloss my absolute day to day favourite for a no-makeup, au natural radiant look! They have 8 shades and Delicate Rose is the one I use.

Price £2.49
You can buy it here.


Article by Belle Campbell