Love Yourself First

Shower yourself with self-love, your guide to the perfect self-care ritual this Valentine’s

With Valentine’s approaching, there is no better reminder that to love, you must love yourself first. The most powerful relationship you will ever have is with yourself, so be you, do you and most of all take care of you!

Self-care is an important ritual to build into our lives, a time to take a minute out, read a chapter of that book we love, listen to that podcast, take an extra-long bath and to nourish our bodies and souls with a sprinkle of divine love! Here are a few of my current heavenly favourites… pamper yourselves,  you deserve it!

Neom Intensive Skin Treatment Candle 

Indulge your mind and body with this dreamy unique candle! After lighting it in the bathroom to fill the room with a calming aroma, enjoy pouring the melted, delicate oil blend into your bath or directly massage it onto your body. Made with the perfect blend of essential oils and 100% natural fragrances, this warming treatment will leave your skin feeling soft and revitalised and is the perfect remedy for a good night’s sleep. A little pour of the oil goes a long way so use it sparingly and embrace this beautiful product when you need it most!

Price: £40
You can buy it here.

Love is in the Hair Protect and Pamper Gift Set – Neäl & Wolf

 This gorgeous bundle is the perfect hair pamper kit to enjoy this Valentine’s. Whilst both protecting and pampering your hair, these cruelties and paraben-free products smell divine. It’s important we protect our hair from UV rays and heat, especially when using a hairdryer or any hot tools. Equally, it’s important to help improve the condition of our hair using a nourishing oil. This nutrient-rich oil is designed to lock in moisture whilst de-frizzing the hair too. It’s also beautifully packaged in a silver velvet cosmetic bag. This Valentine’s special is a must-have! (And has a 20% off offer for Valentine’s too!)

Price: £24.50
You can buy it here.

The Ordinary Concealer

 This brand new concealer has just launched and I’ve got 3 of them already! Treat yourself to this creamy and velvet-like concealer. It’s light-weight but provides full coverage and smooths out the skin with its silky long-lasting finish. It’s perfect to hide blemishes, blur out imperfections and to brighten the under-eye area covering any tired or dark circles you may have! This affordable concealer is available in 36 shades and can be applied with a brush, sponge or straight on with your finger. I advise wearing one shade on your blemishes (same as your foundation shade) and another two shades lighter for your under the eye. This helps to give the illusion of a brighter and awakened under the eye and helps sculpt the dimensions of the face too. It’s such an affordable price and great to add to your pamper kit, lockdown or not – it feels good to spruce up our appearance and hides those homeschool eye bags!

Price: £4.90
You can buy it here.

The Little Box of De-Stress by Tisserand

 I am a complete lover of pulse point roller balls. This set is one of my many favourites that Tisserand do, and I feel that we could all do with a de-stress aid now and then, especially in these testing and difficult times. Made from 100% natural pure essential oils these roller balls are the perfect handbag or pocket friend to have. Pop some on your pulse points (temples, wrists, neck, behind the ears, back of the knees or feet) and take a breath of calmness and serenity with these relaxing blend of oils, designed to calm the senses and help you relax. Your pulse points are the areas where your blood is closest to your skin allowing fast absorption and results. I also recommend the diffuser oils too. Essential oils are a little piece of natural magic we all need in our lives!

Price: £13.45
You can buy it here.

Valentine’s Nails – Invogue

 A fresh pair of nails can transform our mood and with the salons still closed, what better excuse do we need than Valentine’s Day to stick on some natural easy application fresh nails and take on the world! The Invogue bright red nails are a classic shape and have a vibrant and glossy finish. Why not treat yourself to the ultimate girls night in, FaceTime your friends with face masks on and apply these easy to use glue on nails? Each pack includes a three-second nail glue and they have a range of colours and shapes on the site below.

 Price: £4.99
You can buy it here.

Love Hemp’s CBD Cellulose Face Mask

Refresh your skin and relax with the ultimate pamper mask by Love Hemp. Enriched with natural plant extract products this mask is completely vegan and cruelty-free. Infused with 10mg of premium CBD, enjoy a thorough relaxation process whilst locking pure moisture and goodness into your skin! This two-piece mask is made from 100% cotton. I recommend using it before bed to help lure you into the perfects nights sleep, with your supercharged and hydrated skin.

Price: £5.49
You can buy it here. 

Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Melt into a deep night’s sleep with this 100% pure Mulberry silk pillowcase. These are right on trend now and I feel I missed a trick before using one of these. Transform your sleep into the softest and silkiest environment. This pillow is hypoallergenic helping to eliminate allergies and also acts as a natural body temperature regulator. It helps reduce friction leaving your hair soft and smooth and acts as part of your skincare ritual too! The Mulberry silk is anti-ageing, helping reduce sleep-caused fine lines and wrinkles, helps with acne and is 47% more delicate on the skin than the usual cotton pillow. I have used mine since Christmas and it’s a game-changer!

Price: £55
You can buy it here.

Nocturne London Candle

 Amongst our self-care journey, one of the most uplifting mood changers we can practice is gratitude. A daily practice of gratitude can scientifically make our brains release dopamine and serotonin – two crucial neurotransmitters for helping us to feel positive. When we express the gratitude we trick our brains into enhancing our mood and making us feel happy from the inside. Light this beautiful candle whilst jotting down what you are grateful for, I tend to write a list in my journal first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Allow this beautiful fragrance to align your feelings and uplift your mood – the perfect recipe for self-care (vegan and cruelty-free).

Price: £15
You can buy it here.

Rituals Hand Balm

Give your hands a touch of happiness with this luxurious hand balm. With the cold weather and copious amounts of hand sanitiser we are using, our hands get dry and dehydrated and we forget to pamper our paws too! This delicious balm is perfect for massaging into your palms after washing, locking hydration back into the hands, and nourishing them with uplifting sweet orange and cedarwood. Our hands are one of the quickest parts of the body to age and it’s important we look after them just as we would our faces and bodies.

Price: £9.90
You can buy it here.

Pillow Talk Lip and Cheek Glow

Illuminate your cheeks and lips this Valentine’s with the limited edition radiant lip and cheek glow by Charlotte Tilbury. The perfect 2 in 1 duo to brighten up your complexion with its quick and easy application. Blended with dew-boosting oils and waxes, and enriched with conditioning vitamin E, you can apply this with your fingertips and add passion, radiance and glow to your complexion within minutes! They are easy to blend, highly pigmented and a little goes a long way. With the divine rose gold packaging, this product will not only look dazzling on your face but in your makeup drawer too. Melt it onto the apples of your cheeks and pat in with your fingertips. Swipe the colour onto your lips for an easy natural-looking lift, and you can even add to the bridge of the nose for an extra ounce of glow!

Price: £30
You can buy it here.

Rose Quartz Crystal

 Crystals are a huge part of my life and my self-care ritual, and with the current situation, more people are gravitating towards crystals to soothe and comfort their anxieties. Crystals are naturally occurring minerals that are formed for years underground due to different pressures. They have an extremely well organised molecular structure and inside all of the atoms are arranged in a regular grid pattern, creating the beautiful and unique crystal.

The repeating chemical structure of crystals is said to invest them with a kind of “memory”- this means crystals hold on to powers and intentions and emit them through energy. Rose Quartz, the stone of universal love, emits the energy of love and compassion. It can help emit energies of self-love, self-acceptance, self-trust and also attract love and romance into your life. You can use crystals in many different ways. You can bathe with some of them, sleep with them under your pillow, infuse drinking water with them, keep them in your pocket or bra, or even just hold them in your hand when you feel you need them.

As part of our self-care ritual, I feel the perfect crystal for self-love and emitting joy and happiness is a divine Rose Quartz. If you’re new to crystals, don’t be afraid to give them a try. We all are made up of energy after all and holding a little bundle of new energy could be the comfort and key to some magic you just may need right now!

Price: Variable.
You can buy it here. 

Silk Face Covering

Pamper your face and control that mask-acne with these delicate 100% Italian silk masks. Each mask is triple-layered, breathable and washable. They are eco friendly as instead of using disposable masks you are reusing a completely natural and renewable material. There are so many benefits to wearing a silk mask rather than cotton – they help lock in hydration and the smooth quality of the silk helps with any dryness on the skin and irritation. I have struggled with breakouts and bad skin due to the constant wearing of face coverings and I’m noticing a huge difference in my skin since switching to this gorgeous silk mask. A range of different colours is available.

Price: £24.99
You can buy it here. 

Zara Vetiver Pamplemousse

 Zara has collaborated with Jo Malone on these unique and gorgeous fragrances. This delicious fragrance with notes of grapefruit, mandarin and vetiver is the ultimate Valentine’s scent. Feel empowered and confident with this affordable delicately fragranced Eau de parfum. With a wide range of fragrances available be sure to not be disappointed by this genius unique collection. They come beautifully packaged and look classy and chic on your dressing table.

Jo Malone describes this fragrance as “A crisp white cotton shirt layered with citrus cologne, an everyday accessory for me”. These are designed to be unisex too so these could be a great his and hers gift!

Tip: Be sure to try spritzing behind the ear directly onto the pulse point, to keep the fragrance fresh around your face all day long.

Price: £25.99 100ml
You can buy it here. 


 Article by Belle Campbell