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When searching for plastic surgeons, what do you look into? Education, certifications, happy patients and glowing recommendations are all things that come to mind. This week’s British Thoughts Magazine cover star, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and wellness connoisseur,  Dr Michael Newman encapsulates all of these accolades. The American Board of Plastic Curgeons certified doctor talks to British Thoughts on picking the right doctor, happy patients and his “forever breast” surgery.

What is your best recommendation for choosing a doctor for plastic surgery?

Choosing a plastic surgeon is the most important step in achieving a great result. You need to find someone you can trust. Regarding credentials, you should make sure that your surgeon is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. There are other Boards out there, but the American Board of Plastic Surgery has the most rigorous training and education requirements. In addition, you should make sure that your surgeon is someone that you can openly communicate with about your goals, someone that you feel comfortable with.

You have coined the phrase “forever breast”, what does that mean? Why should women have this surgery as opposed to breast implants? 

Forever Breast surgery uses your own tissue to enhance the size of the breast rather than an implant. Specifically, Forever Breast surgery uses liposuction to harvest fat from areas where you don’t want it and moves that fat to your breasts. As the name implies, the tissue lasts forever in contrast to an implant which has a finite lifespan.  Forever Breast surgery also involves a shorter recovery time and a lower risk of complications, compared to breast implant surgery. It is a fantastic option for the right candidate. Ideal candidates are those with some moderate excess fat over the back, abdomen, or thighs who are seeking an increase of one bra cup size.

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What are the biggest misconceptions women have about plastic surgery?

There are numerous misconceptions that the public has about plastic surgery. The biggest of them comes as much from men as it does from women. Many people think plastic surgery always ends up looking and feeling fake. The truth is that good plastic surgery should look and feel natural. It should be an enhancement of who you are, not a radical change in your identity or physique. It should look like you just got back from a spa retreat or like you have been spending more time at the gym. No one should be able to look at you and tell that you had plastic surgery.  The stereotype of plastic surgery looking and feeling fake comes from people that get too much surgery or get surgery by someone that is not well trained. That leads to the overdone look which is what most of us want to avoid.

We think every doctor has a philosophy. What’s yours? 

My philosophy is that every patient is different with different anatomy and different goals. Therefore, I like to customize the treatment plan for each individual patient. There is no cookie-cutter surgery in our office. Each treatment plan is specifically designed to achieve that patient’s goals and fine-tuned to fit their anatomy. In addition, my philosophy is to be very honest with patients. I will often recommend a less expensive or simpler solution for my patients if that is available, even if it ends up being less profitable for me. Honesty and transparency are critical to every relationship including the doctor-patient one. Getting the best possible result for my patients is the number one goal.

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You specialize in breast surgery but you also perform lots of other procedures. What are your top three that you enjoy and have found your patients are happiest with? 

Breast augmentation is one of the procedures that I enjoy the most since the results are instant, recovery is fast, and patients are thrilled! Breast augmentation can be performed either with an implant or with fat as in the Forever Breast surgery. In addition, Mommy Makeover surgery is extremely rewarding since mothers give up so much to care for their children and they are so appreciative of getting their bodies back. Breast reconstruction after cancer is another surgery that is extremely satisfying and very emotional for the surgeon and the patient. Most patients undergoing breast cancer treatment see breast reconstruction as the silver lining to it is a privilege to be a part of that process.

You work with breast cancer survivors also. Tell us about the first time you got a woman through the process and how did you felt? Do you feel more involved when working with cancer patients? 

Breast cancer patients, just like all cancer patients, have so much to deal with often including chemotherapy, radiation, testing, surgery, family pressures and time away from work. In addition, breast cancer patients also are forced to face major changes in their bodies that can affect self-confidence. Being able to offer reconstructive surgery to these patients and being part of their journey creates a very close bond between me and my patients. It is a privilege to be a part of that process which is often filled with tears and triumphs, as the surgeon and patient work together as a team to overcome the challenges faced. It is a very emotional journey that ends in a very close and special connection making it one of the most fulfilling aspects of being a plastic surgeon.

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Any tips for women for aftercare that are not widely known?

The proverb ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ is extremely relevant to plastic surgery. Many women and men put off taking care of themselves and just assume that they can come into the plastic surgeon’s office to have everything fixed later. Certainly, there are many treatments we can offer that make a huge difference. However, preventing the damage leads to a better result than we can offer with surgery. Simple things like sunscreen, weight management through diet and exercise, and skincare with prescription level creams are at the foundation of looking young and healthy forever. Add in some botox starting around the age of 30 since that is the closest thing we have to a fountain of youth. That combination will set you up for a future of looking and feeling great. Even if you do decide to have surgery later, starting off with healthy skin and at a healthy weight will get you a dramatically better result.

What does the future hold for you? Do you want to open more practices? Expand beyond Beverly Hills? 

As one person, it is difficult to touch each individual out there and make a difference. Even if I worked all day and night, I wouldn’t be able to help every patient that is seeking plastic surgery, so I spend time trying to pass on knowledge to others. Our private practice group is in the process of expanding in order to be able to care for more patients. In addition, I am a clinical assistant professor at UCLA where I’m involved with teaching the next generation of plastic surgeons so that the knowledge and experience I have gained can benefit many generations to come.



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