”Combining Art, Beauty, and Italian Craftsmanship with Vanesio Jewelry”

When it comes to pre-eminent beauty, luxury, and tradition, the ones who know best have always been the Italians. From ancient and contemporary times, Italy is renowned for being the ultimate curator, a “taste-maker” in all aspects of consumer consumption. Throughout the years, La Dolce Vita has been exemplified in the likes of daily life for the men and women of Bel Paese, meaning Beautiful Country. 

Italy is known around the world for being the seat of one of the most illustrious periods in history, the Italian Renaissance. It was a singular triumph for the powerful Medici Family who were seen as the ultimate cultural taste-makers of the time, and in the hotbed of this glamorous movement were the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Botticelli, Caravaggio, amongst others. The Renaissance created the everlasting image of ultimate elegance and artistry that is the lasting benchmark for Italian-made merchandise globally.

And this is what Vanesio, an up-and-coming jewelry brand from Florence hopes to emulate. For hundreds of years, Firenze has been the home to the most exciting jewelry makers in the world, and Mussari Carmelo Alex, the upcoming designer, and founder says, “ Vanesio was created because of my love for art and luxury, these two always go hand in hand, the never-failing perfect combination, especially when it comes to creating unique high-quality Italian jewelry.”

Image of Mussari
Mussari Carmelo Alex Designer and founder of Vanesio


The unique pieces conceptualized by Mussari think of satisfying clients by creating a beauteous story behind each trinket, always in the line of thinking about the buyer’s need for aesthetic artistry by creating jewelry that always bears the unique Florentine benchmark of luxury gem craftsmanship and the Italian touch. 

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