Always On the Go With Juan Forgia

By definition, Calisthenics is a form of strength training consisting of a variety of rhythmic movements that exercise large muscle groups, such as standing, grasping, and pushing. It’s been a big hit in the fitness world, especially for people who are constantly on the go.

Juan Forgia, the other 1/2 of Cali-Kulture, is no stranger to this movement. As a model and a highly dedicated sportsman, Juan’s athletic prowess had him exploring the world of exercise at a very young age. He’s been involved in playing football and basketball, and in turn gained the hard work, discipline, and determination to work hard for what he wants in life. With Cali-Kulture’s bustling rise as an outdoors lifestyle brand, their mission is clear: building a community that has a shared love for sports and connecting with people from all walks of life.

Here at British Thoughts Magazine, we sit down with the man himself, Juan Forgia of Cali-Kulture, as he gives his insights on Calisthenics, sports, and keeping motivated despite the overall mood of 2021.

1.Have you always been the active and outdoorsy type? When did you first start playing sports?

Juan Forgia shot by @jermaine.straker.

I’ve been into sports and kept active for as long as I can remember. It’s a cliche, but in Argentina, as a boy, it’s mandatory to play football! I was 4-5 years old when I started to play for the local team. Although, it didn’t last long – only until I discovered that I prefer basketball more and went on to play semi-pro in different cities around Argentina.

2.Who would you say are the sportsmen you look up to and aspire to be like?

What drives me is the idea of succeeding in life with discipline; not only as an athlete, but as a man, businessman, and family man. I have a tattoo representing Kobe Bryant’s career on my right arm, he was and still is a huge inspiration for me. The others that I also look up to are Connor Mcgregor, Ali, MJ.

3.When it comes to your routine, how often do you stick to it? Are there times when you switch things up?

My morning routine is always the same, religiously it goes like this: water, sparkling water preferably, black coffee, this would be my time to prep for the day before dealing with anything or anyone.

When it comes to my training routine, I like to think that I am disciplined when it comes to getting it done, but I don’t follow a program, I listen to my body more. Especially as I get older, I’m paying attention to what my body needs.

4. As a calisthenics coach, what would be your advice for people who are struggling to lose weight?

Stick to something you like, that will keep you active and make you feel good; it can be painting, writing, dancing, it doesn’t need to be sport-related. The strength and motivation to follow a diet will increase when you feel better and happier. One thing to keep in mind is, there’s no magic diet, it is your lifestyle that you need to change. Keep the momentum swinging, create a chain reaction little by little. One salad won’t make you fitter the same way one burger won’t make you fat.

5.If you were to describe your coach persona in three words what would they be?

Driven, empathetic, ambitious.

6.What are the benefits that you’ve reaped from Calisthenics?

Mindfulness. You have to focus a lot, before, during, and after. There are no machines in calisthenics to aid you, your body will do that. There are bigger goals other than your body shape. The ambition has to be there, especially when you are trying to be fit, both mentally and physically.

With Calisthenics, you will understand that you are not just “working out” anymore, you’ll be TRAINING. In my opinion, it’s like memorization by repetition versus studying.

There was this one quote I heard from this podcast, “there’s a big difference between working out and working in” I loved that, and it’s something to keep in mind.

7.Would you recommend these kinds of workouts to beginners?

100% I can’t recommend it more for beginners! There are progressions for everyone, I have clients that went from 0 pull-ups to doing skills on the bar with ease. When you start, the mentality you have will change to winning everything with nothing to lose. I’ve trained kids, girls, people over 50 years old, and all of them have fallen in love with this movement.

8.What has been your ultimate motivation during the current mood of 2021, ” Languishing “ especially as we are all coming out of lockdown/quarantine?

I never believed in motivation, moods change, but I believe that action creates motivation, not the other way around. Personally, it didn’t change much for me, I’ve always been curious about my potential, so I always make the most of what I can.

As a coach, it’s been a nice challenge, stepping up the online game with other competitors in the market is not an easy task, so I stick to being true and original to myself since I believe that authenticity attracts more people to lose that fear and presumption that Calisthenics is only for “strong” people.

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