Baring it All with Nic Tailor’s Audie Cooper

Nic Tailor by Audie Cooper is making waves for being “Bespoke For Men” and what does this statement mean? We’ve heard about Bespoke suits, shoes, soaps, and even, dare I say it, Bespoke men’s underwear? 

The brand’s origins are a playful twist on the Victorian term for underwear, “knickers” but with a modern twist. Audie Cooper’s design aesthetic combines both classic tailoring and textile advancements that ensure that men’s underwear can have the perfect fit.  Nowadays, sizes are always limited by the S, M, L, XL charts. 

In this regard, Nic Tailor strives to defy the norm, the brand strives to create a customised feel with their Dry Fly Boxer Briefs and pants whilst ensuring that their clients would feel comfortable to wear it as if it was the second layer of skin, much like how Skims would feel for women.

Peter Facinelli for Nic Tailor Underwear Shot by Ben Cope


As time progressed, the brand gained notice for their campaign with Peter Facinelli, as he modeled for Nic Tailor’s ads in seeking awareness for Prostate Cancer survivors and patients while addressing one of the main problems that this kind of cancer crosses, which is leakage.  

Here at British Thoughts, we sat down and chatted with the enigmatic Audie Cooper as we get his ideas on life, fashion, and the Nic Tailor brand.

1. When did you realize you want to be a designer? How did it all start?

Out of college many years ago, I started working for a textile company here in North Carolina. I started working in the product development area and found that I enjoyed the challenges of making a garment from just a concept. I then started taking pattern-making classes until I received my Master Pattern Maker Certificate. That kept me in the field of Technical Designer / Design my entire career. I always enjoyed work and had the opportunity to work with some of the best brands here in the United States. 

2. Who would you say influenced your designing career? What was it about the brand that made them stand out for you?

 I would have to say it’s Ralph Lauren. Through the years, I have kept coming back to review his work. He has always been current with the market and trends. 

Nic Tailor Underwear

3. You’ve worked with a great collective of artists, designers who are always out there putting their work out. Could you tell us what struggles you have experienced once you started?

I have had the opportunity to work with some very forward-thinking people that were way ahead of their time. For example, I made original samples for Under Armour and SPANX when both were starting. 

When Nic Tailor first began, we struggled to further the messaging that men can have better-fitting underwear. As a brand, you have to find your audience and cater to the needs of your customer. We’ve listened to some valuable feedback, and as such, have amended our website to make customization even easier– so now you can click and purchase. The quality material and the money-back guarantee have created a loyal customer base that continues to come back.


Audie Cooper

4. How did the name Nic Tailor come about? Where did the idea come from?

Three years ago, introductions were made by a mutual friend to Cal Mosack and Nolan Mills, who had the idea of a customized men’s underwear brand. We started working with a firm in New York for branding and website construction. So when we saw NIC TAILOR short for tailored knickers, we knew instantly that was it. 

5. If you were trying to sell your underwear brand to the general public, how would you justify the price range of your product?

We are 100% made in the USA. Our yarn is from Georgia, the fabric is from California, and the elastic is native to Virginia. But, we cut, sew, and ship from North Carolina. After watching so many jobs go overseas, it is nice to see textile manufacturing coming back to the United States. But, of course, we make sure that the factories pay a living wage. 

6. What is the main reason why men should try bespoke underwear?

You can “Tailor” the product to fit your body shape. We have seen this in women’s for years, and they understand how much better you feel when the fit is right. Men are starting to understand this and enjoy the comfort of a great fitting garment. We stock 21 different sizes (28 – 48) in 4 different inseams. You can order a size 35, and then you have a choice of seat sizes, slim, regular, or large. That is 63 options off the shelf to get the best fit for your body. 

7. When did the collaboration with The Prostate Cancer Foundation start?

We worked with the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Peter Facinelli in September of last year for Prostate Cancer Awareness month. Peter has been an avid supporter of PCF’s work, and the cause hit close to him as his father is a prostate cancer survivor.

 For two years, we worked on developing bespoke underwear that would help men with one of the problems they experience as a survivor—leakage. We wanted a product that looked just like regular underwear and helped manage the moisture. As a result, we were able to launch the Dry Fly boxer brief in conjunction with the campaign for Prostate Cancer awareness. It was a great start. 

8. Are there any new projects that we should keep an eye out?

We have a new product going live soon, and we are always looking for ways to give back and drive awareness of men’s health issues. You can keep up with everything we’re doing by visiting In addition, we’re offering a special discount for June for Pride Month. You can also follow us on Instagram @nictailorunderwear.