Oscar Duke: Entrepreneur, Model, and Now, Pop-Star

As one of the scions of a well-known family of actors and activists, it’s only natural to have a creative drive that knows no bounds. Enter, Oscar Duke. As one of London’s notable socialites, his growing repertoire has included model, actor, entrepreneur, and now, pop star.

Now, the question here is: what brought about this foray into the music industry? According to Duke, “The evolution of the voice is one of the most extraordinary feats in life, it has enabled us over time to express ourselves in a more unique and intimate way”.

Music for the budding artist has always been part of his journey in life, as he views this as a way to evoke emotion from his experiences. This brings us up the fact that Duke has been steadily working on an album with Tim Laws and Bobbie Harvey, in creating a distinct sound that fuses Oscar’s love for Dance and Pop Music.

We at British Thoughts Magazine, chat with the man himself. Oscar Duke, as we talk about his journey into music and what his new projects will be about.

Oscar Duke by Sandra Vijandi

You’re a multi-talented hyphen with a gregarious and energetic drive! Could you tell our readers, what keeps you eager to explore all these new avenues of creativity?

To be honest, I have a passion to create, it deeply satisfies my soul. To share a vision and it’s fun for me to see where the process leads me. You can never tell in the early stages how it will turn out.

Could you tell us what it was like starting out in the music industry?  What do you think are the misconceptions that people have about it?

People always think you are not successful unless you got a number one or top 5 in the charts. But there are so many incredible achievements to be had in music and there are so many factors that go behind the scenes that until recently, I didn’t know about. 

Now your venture into the music industry has commenced. Musically speaking, who are the artists that have inspired you?

My all-time favorite & main inspiration is the legend,  Mariah Carey. Then there’s Ariana, Bruno Mars, and more. Listening to them and hearing the beauty of their music is truly exciting for me. 


Oscar Duke by @MarkXPhotos

Transitioning into being a full-on musician is no easy feat. Just like any other new journey, what has been the most challenging part about it so far?

Finding the right people to work with was quite hard. They have to understand you, what you want to achieve, support you, and be able to offer ideas on the table that make sure you have the quality that you are looking for. 

If you were to describe your music in a few words what would it be?

Vocal, Expressive, and Passionate. 

Could you tell us more about what the concept behind your upcoming tracks will be?

The tracks are a cross-section of my life experiences, put together in a medley of Pop and Dance, it’s definitely something to groove to!

And do you have other projects that we should keep an eye out for?

Yes, many exciting things are happening at the moment. Head over to my Instagram for a sneak peek at what I’m up to @oscarduke.

Oscar’s new single is due to be released this month! Make sure you follow him on Instagram for updates.